Local and Micro-influencers for More Human Marketing


Nov 10, 2016
Local and Micro-influencers: How to Find, Approach and Engage Them for More Human Marketing
November 6, 2018

Many small businesses cannot afford macro-influencers because of budget constraints. So the best way for small businesses to promote themselves in this way is to collaborate with local or micro-influencers, who generate higher engagement on average.

A study conducted by Markerly found that micro or local influencers can generate a much higher engagement rate. This encourages small businesses to invest in local influencers to promote their brand, which helps them gain visibility and increase engagement.


But many local businesses find it difficult to find relevant local influencers, and approach and engage with them.

Tactics to Discover Local or Micro-Influencers

1. Scan your own social media followers
If you have a significant social media presence (and even if you don’t), start to scan social platforms like Instagram and Twitter (added: and Facebook). You might be surprised to see that some local or micro-influencers are already following you. Look for relevance to your product or service and location, and of course, those precious follower numbers.

Once you make a list of potential micro-influencers, you need to scan through their profiles to ensure that the content they create is related to your niche. And if it is, you can approach them with your offer. This is one of the best ways to find micro-influencers and local influencers who are relevant to your business. And since they’re already following you, it will be easy for you to convince them to join the campaign.

2. Perform local hashtag research
Local hashtag research can also help you find relevant local or micro-influencers. As well as Instagram and Twitter, you can use Google to do local hashtag research. You can search a specific and relevant keyword from your niche and you’ll be able to discover popular posts using the hashtag.

For example, if you own a food business in Chicago, you can use the hashtag #chicagofoodbloggers on Instagram to search for relevant local or micro-influencers.


Using hashtags like this, you can see the most popular posts and start to identify who’s putting out the most popular relevant content, and perhaps people already working with businesses like yours. This search type can also help you find some relevant local hashtags related to your industry to expand your search even further, as you can see below.


However, it can be a little difficult to collect all relevant hashtags manually. Tools like Seek Metrics, Display Purposes, or Webstagram can generate a list of relevant hashtags for you. And guess what? These are available for free.

You can also use Google to find micro-influencers, by searching ‘food bloggers in chicago’, for example. You can then evaluate them based on the kind of content they create, their audiences, and more to decide if they might be a good fit for your brand.



Apr 22, 2016
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