I haven't used LinkedIn group for a long time. In previous I found LinkedIn groups are quite good. People are gossiping with different topics and problems. But after sometimes some people start with spam post with the link. It became messing. Is anyone here still using LinkedIn groups and have a nice output?

Twista Tom

Really appreciate your sharing. I developed some new ideas after reading the blog. ThanksLikedIn groups aren't dead at all. It depend how you use them. I suggest you to make your own groups then invite peoples. Discuss different topics. Make your group spam free or you can find and see which groups are spam free and join there. Simple way to find perfect groups is just ask someone in LinkedIn who is related to your business.
Actually LinkedIn has some great and big groups but you need to find out the right one. There are some spammy groups too. Contact to the group admin first. If group admin response your quarry then join them otherwise leave the group.

Roy Roger

Spammer is everywhere, but you need to restrict them. There are many LinkedIn groups who have thousands of members and still doing well, LinkedIn groups still not lost their value.

Kathryn M.

I never joined LinkedIn. It never really appealed to me, nor did it ever really apply to any of my businesses. When I did think of jumping in, I started to notice a large number of negative reviews about privacy issues and the company's management, so I went ahead and passed on it in favor of other social media platforms.

I am sure the groups on LinkedIn are a lot like Facebook groups. If you promote them well enough, you can gather a great group of people who are actively participating and contributing to the group. If it has declined on LinkedIn, it is most likely because the platform itself is not as popular as it once was. I've read reviews that users were being inundated with spam from LinkedIn's management, which turned many users away from the site.

Ms Bizz

There are currently more than 2 Million LinkedIn Groups, many with absentee group managers, and clogged with SPAM/”blogvertisements”/off topic content. There are also some excellent LinkedIn Groups with active group managers, who ensure that their group members are only exposed to intelligent/relevant/entertaining/informational content.

For just about any business topic you can think of you should be able to find several groups that fit the bill. My recommendation would be that you join several groups in the areas that interest you, and then audit the Discussions for several days, until you get a sense as to which one(s) have a focus and group management style that you appreciate. With just a little effort you should be able to find LinkedIn Groups for the topics you are interested in that are gems.


I have joined a few LinkedIn groups, but they are surprisingly very quiet/dead. Not at all as active as Facebook groups tend to be, which I thought was surprising.


I have never tried using LinkedIn Group, but I know quite a good number of people who still utilize it. It's still a good platform to find new online opportunities, strategies, leads, and referrals. And I agree with another poster, spammers are everywhere, we just have to find ways to not let them affect the groups in a bad way.


I've never joined LinkedIn in either, as I don't think I'd get much benefit from it in the situation I'm in to be honest.

While I do like the concept behind it, I feel it's more geared to professional people with normal day jobs, rather than people who are working for themselves or just starting out in business.


LinkedIn is surprisingly poor for any sort of groups, and rarely are people able to market effectively even if there is a popular one. I think that LinkedIn is dying right now, I'm just wondering what will take its place.
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