Nov 10, 2016
LinkedIn adds celebrate, love, insightful and curious reactions to spur more engagement
by Ingrid Lunden, TechCrunch
March 2019

Sometimes a “like” in social media doesn’t give the full picture, or you’re just not inspired enough to write a fuller response. Today, LinkedIn addressed that issue on its own platform, with the introduction of four new reactions people can use in response to posts in their timelines. In addition to “like,” you can now react in four other ways to posts with icons that indicate “celebrate,” “love,” “insightful” and “curious.” ...

LinkedIn has never been one for jumping quickly to new trends, but this nevertheless shows that it’s listening and understands that it has to provide more to users to make its platform more dynamic, to help spur more engagement (and in turn more people posting to the platform). ...

LinkedIn I think likely has two wider goals by providing tools like this: one is to get more users engaged on its platform; and the other is to use it as part of its feature moat to remain competitive with other social platforms that might encroach on its space.

In the years since Microsoft acquired the company, I’d argue that the iterations the company has made to different aspects of its service have decreased somewhat. That makes LinkedIn more open to other companies coming in and creating more useful and modern replacements in some of its most lucrative areas of business, such as recruitment. On the other hand, platforms like Facebook have been quick to add ever more features and functionality. ...

For LinkedIn to continue to keep people around, and to attract new users who might otherwise consider newer and less expensive alternatives, even incremental additions like this one can make a difference.

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