I wanted to reach out to talk about a start-up challenge I set for myself - with $500 and 4 weeks, take an idea and turn it into a sale for the first time.

I wrote an article detailing out my experience and some of the decisions I had to make. I would love to get your feedback on the article and product and see what you guys think.


What would you have done differently?
Does anyone else have a similar experience they can share?

Thanks for your time!

Air Vinyl Design
Great concept and product, @ryangoldstein. Your designs look great on the AirPods cases, and I love that you found a vinyl material that is removable. If I had AirPods, I would probably be a great customer for you. I cannot say I would do anything different in your process, but I do have a question for you: How do you think business will change after the 4 week mark? Will you invest more in your own business, or will you let it grow on it's own with the limited budget just to see how far you get?
@Valerie Hart - thanks for the support!
After this initial launch I have already invested additional capital to push the idea forward. I actually want to be very open with my process and post regular updates each month on the status of the business and some key takeaways.

While producing the designs has its challenges, the main task I am focusing on for the next 4 weeks is marketing. So far I have been using targeted marketing on Facebook and Instagram by producing high quality image content that takes away the "tacky" nature of marketing for stickers and decals. So far it has worked to get some engagement, but I would love to hear from others who have experience in this subject and suggest some things you may do.

If you would like to see the type of content I am using, you can find them @airvinyldesign on either FB or Instagram.
Awesome! I really like your article :)

One thing I might have tried before hopping on Fiverr (which I agree is great btw) is to check any local maker spaces for folks that might be interested in designing/making the stickers/vinyl for you. For an MVP type thing, it could have been quicker/cheaper (perhaps) and you get face to face with a potential new contact for future work.

That being said I think it's great you got something going in less time than you expected. Good luck in the coming weeks!
@Jeff Martinez - that's a great idea! Now that I'm thinking about it, there's an art school near where I live and I bet I could have easily contacted them to have some design services done. Given that the license subscription to stock images costs between $69-99, I could have gotten a pretty solid caliber design made. I may give that a shot for one of the next group of designs for the product. I'll put in one of my updates how that goes!
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