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Launched 3 new websites only one week ago

Discussion in 'General Business and Entrepreneurship' started by Samuli Tapio, Oct 13, 2015.

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  1. Samuli Tapio

    Samuli Tapio Member

    Hey everyone,

    It's time to bite the bullet and aim to do everything I can with all that I have.

    I just begun a fitness businesshttp://www.VahvaFitness.com
    Lifestyle website http://www.VahvaLifestyle.com

    and my personal website http://www.SamuliTapio.com where I talk about the challenges I face and everything that interests me(reality).

    It has been 7 days, and we launched pretty successfully. Lots of views and subscribes, but we aren't planning to make any money for the next 1-3 months.

    If you have any tips regarding my sites, I would appreciate it 110%.

    I am already working 24/7 and eight days a week, and doing everything that I can.

    I wish you all the best,

    Samuli Tapio
  2. Griffin

    Griffin Member

    Well, launching 3 websites in one week is pretty heavy, and better results probably would have been produced with launching them individually. None the less, great accomplishment, best of luck with your sites.
  3. William Clements

    William Clements Moderator Member

    Hi Sauli,

    It is great to have you hear and your businesses in our showcase. I looked at your websites and they are all nice looking professional blog like site platforms. I do like the separation between your businesses/topics. I know that Samuli Tapio is your blog with your branded name as the domain name which is excellent and I love how you mention your other two blogs on there. Keep your posts fresh and no only will you get more views and subscribers but you will get new and current subscribers coming back routinely. I like how you utilized Vahva Fitness and how everything is on the topic of Fitness & same with Vahva Lifestyle for "Healthy Nutrition and Eloquent Lifestyle".

    I suggest that you can either choose one, a few, or all the ways I suggest you optimize your blog to make money. Instead of just selling fitness or health stuff you own or with Amazon/Ebay, you can do some stuff that will make money with your traffic and most of which would cost the readers nothing.

    They are below:

    * AdWords/AdSense like one of my blogs, you can use as an example at GPT Tweaks - Powerful and FREE GPT Site Script MODs Resources and Advice! which I put ads on top bottom and left side of page. You would also put on right side, ads before/after every post, etc.
    * Other 3rd party ad placement sites like becoming a publisher with AdHitz, BuySellAds, AdBrite, Infolinks, Clicksor, Blogads, etc.
    * Amazon/Ebay publisher and add widget or regular banner add to your site & make money when stuff is purchased from your website.
    * Becoming a publisher of Non-Incent Affiliate Networks since your site is not incent, you would get paid for than if you ran incent offers. Their are many different payment models, choose what is right for your blogs or test them each to see. Most common is Cost Per Action (CPA) (Also known as Cost Per Lead (CPL)) because the publisher gets paid for every payable action/lead that is produced such as subscribing to a website or joining as a member. However, there are also Cost-Per-Click (CPC), this is where you get paid a flat rate for every Unique IP address that clicks on that campaign. Sometimes it is a one time click while other times the same person can click on it ones daily. I actually have one CPC that pays out 25 cents per unique click per day up on my network. Cost Per Impression/Install (CPI) is where the publisher gets paid for each unique visit/view to their website that the ad is on or installs software/apps. CPI is used for both cases interchangeably. Similarly, we have Cost per mille (CPM) which is when you get paid per thousand impression ("M" stands for thousand in Roman numeral. Their is Rev Share which is when you get paid % of Sale. Lastly, the least common models is Cost Per Registration (CPR) and that is because that usually falls under CPA/CPL typically.
    * Run your own affiliate offers or sell advertisement to your audience/advertisers.

    Wish you the best of luck. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, etc., feel free to PM me here.

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  4. Samuli Tapio

    Samuli Tapio Member

    It's been 1 week and so far going good. We will see if I can handle it, but it seems like I can.

    @William Clements

    Thanks for the great feedback. I will plan to monetize the sites further with my own products when I get more traffic. Right now my focus is on growth, polishing the sites and improving in all aspects of the game.
  5. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member

    I'd also be tempted to grow the traffic more before I thought about monetizing the sites. You don't have to have huge amounts of traffic but I'd give it maybe a month and then look at where your at.

    Launching all the sites at once is some achievement and I think I'd probably have done them in a staggered manner. Open one and then when it's got a decent amount of visitors, then inform them that you've got site number two. That way most of the members on the first site will subscribe to the second, and then again with the third, but at the moment it seems to be working and if your happy enough with the results then I'm sure we all wish you the best of luck.

    Make sure you keep us all up to date on this forum here with your progress also.
  6. I must say, these sites look very professional. While I like the drop down feature that happens when you hover over your header menu, it would be nice if the content within the menu items was a bit less random and more organized. The site is a little all over the place and I'm not sure exactly what it's main purpose is. You need to be able to figure out exactly what the sites identity is as soon as you log on otherwise people will keep going. Aesthetically, very pleasing, but (imho) it needs to be tidied up a bit. Good luck and clearly it looks like you're on a great track here!
  7. Griffin

    Griffin Member

    Any graphs depicting the number of views (straight views and unique) that we could possibly look at? Good to hear that it's going well.
  8. EF-Roger

    EF-Roger Member

    Dont think about money coming from the all three sites yet. You HAVE to have traffic first. For just one site, it is very hard work to get traffic there. You will have it 3 times as hard. Not discouraging you, just letting you know what is in store for you to make all three sites successful.
    Griffin likes this.
  9. Kathryn M.

    Kathryn M. Member

    Waiting for the first paycheck is one of the downsides of starting a new business. But as long as you have fun while building everything up, the business will start to work on it's own and you will get paid for a long time after you no longer need to work on it as much. It's residual income, and somewhat passive income.
  10. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Member

    Running even just one website is already a hard work, it's even more difficult if you were trying to manage 3 websites all at once. Anyway, if you can pull it off, then that's great to hear. But since you have got a lot to handle, you really must step up your game. Best of luck! :)
  11. harpazo22

    harpazo22 Member

    How has it been going? Use social media as a platform to get more traffic to your sites. Wishing you all the best with them all.

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