I want to know if Facebook fans/likes are still a good source of traffic and marketing or has reach etc reduced to much now?


No doubt they are still very effective and you need to tap some of that traffic. The culture of Facebook is reflective of what happens in the real world. Out here when something or someone is liked by many, the impression to the general public is that there is something special about it and people would be willing to find out more about it and even involved with it. If you are keen enough you will come across businesses flaunting the number of likes they have, which sends an authority message to the general public. The more the likes, the higher the trust index, as simple as that. I know of an acquaintance who used a special technique with Facebook likes. He created a page and promoted it worldwide using a low targeting paradigm [it implies low advertisement costs paid to Facebook]. He advertised his website to third world countries at very low costs per like. In the end, he had thousands of likes to his page. He then later on advertised this page to high target traffic in the western world [implying high traffic cots paid to Facebook]. Guess what, just from the thousands of likes, people trusted his page and interacted highly with it and were even talking about it. He captured the traffic through Facebook opt-in pages and that’s how makes good revenue. So yes, Facebook fans/likes are very effective to date. re blog for some time and i ortant. i ere would be nothing to frustrate you. dont rest already.

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It definitely has an impact. Today's new Google and Bing algorithms measure social signals as they see engagement as a type of validation of quality of content.


I believe that Facebook is the most popular social media site nowadays, and due to this reason alone, online business owners should really take advantage of it, and try to promote their sites/services/products on their Facebook pages. It's really ideal.


Yes FB still remains a great traffic source but constantly you will have to find ingenious ways of making your product stand out. Because so many people are marketing their stuff on FB it's easy for users to consider an offer simple spam or something they would have no interest in. In order for you to utilize Facebook most efficiently you have to think in terms of the groups to target who may be looking for similar of affiliated products. Use up FB but try to stay a step of the other guys.



It really depends if your target audience uses Facebook or not! People often make the mistake and look at different channels and their pro and con to answer if they should or shouldn't use a specific channel. The only thing that matters is if you can reach your audience via that channel. Let me make an example with 3 products:
  • Product A is an online gaming app targeted at teenagers - I don't have the exact stats, but snapchat is much more frequently used by teenagers than Facebook. So you would choose snapchat over FB
  • Product B is a recipe book for mums - Channel choice here might be Facebook, although I would throw in Instagram and Pinterest in the mix too given that your product can be brought to live through those apps. And also it's a known platform for people to use for recipes, etc...
  • Product C is cruise boats - yes the big ones. I'm manufacturing cruise boats and my clients are the P&O's of the world. Now I doubt that ads on FB would do anything for that. Highly targeted networking industry specific events might be the better way here.
So you get the point. Think what your product is, who it is for and where they spent their time. Even better if you can determine which channel they use to make buying decisions...

Hope that was helpful. Msg me if you have any more questions,
@TannerD, What do you in tend to do with your Facebook traffic? Is it for a specific business, niche, or are you looking to optimize your traffic by posting things like surveys, auto insurance quotes, etc. to send to your traffic to make money as an Affiliate/Publisher?


I also think that social media still as a lot to offer when it comes to marketing. It's still relatively new and I think we've only scratched the surface of its potential upto now.

When you look at the user base sites likes Facebook have, there's definitely an opportunity there to increase traffic and sales on your site by linking and advertising on there in my opinion.
Social media traffic always work whether you want to make your site popular or advertise your new product. Yes it is necessary that you focus on your targeted traffic otherwise you will not get fruitful results with your efforts.


Depending on what it is, sometimes it is great to advertise on places like Facebook or Twitter, other times not so much.

If you watch the news headlines, there's all kinds of backlash from certain products or services that people attack at random - either for the right reasons if they did something wrong, personal vendetta, or both. This can often hurt a business more than it helps if that happens, or the comments by majority are too negative.

Controlling the comments (if seen and observed by frequent visitors to a facebook page) will be recognized by some and commented on other places like on Reddit. When that happens, people end up seeing some types of businesses as less rather than more because of it. The old adage is usually true that any publicity is good publicity, but not always. As Reto pointed out, there are different types of businesses and target audiences to where some may do really well with a strong Facebook approach, while others not so well or at all.

People are catching on to the "like" phenomenon, too. There's a lot of automated likes out there from dead facebook accounts that are made specifically to boost and "like" certain pages. Usually social media "like" mills (for Youtube and Facebook both) work in this way, and Facebook is somewhat on to them. The positive thing in all of this is that Facebook will still advertise your page on the cheap, but the downside once again is that how people react to that "Sponsored Ad" showing up on their newsfeed without warning. It can make or break your social media presence if not handled with wisdom and diligence in your approach.


Well I would have to assume that they are still very powerful tools when it comes to attracting attention and viewers, which is the ultimate goal. I agree with many users above though as well, and that is that it really does depend on your target audience or target market. I am sure there are numbers out there that can tell you what age range and demographics are using what sites and what times and all of that, so that might be something to look into.


Well, Facebook is really a good site if you want to promote or advertise your business as well as your products and services. I had relatives and friends who are gaining success on their business by using this kind of social media site that had large followers.
Well, we now live in the world where such thing as social media has become very huge. So, FB or Instagram likes is one of the ways people get validation and recognition. Sure, your business should have some social media outlets. You show that you're kind of open to giving feedback.


Please look into problems when you set up a large face without any traffic? I understand you? so you should review the contents, make your way to stumble somewhere and finishing them.

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