First, please read the Forum Rules before you post again.

Second, you haven't told us what keywords or search terms you are trying to optimize for.

Beyond that, the site you give as an example has several problems that are going to get you in trouble with Google and with Local Search in general.

You've got multiple doorway pages which Google doesn't like, and what's worse is they are repeated in the footer of every page:


Service Locations are provided all across the greater Adelaide Metro area and not limited to the areas listed below see our full map of locations at the areas of service page.

{numerous links follow this, not repeated here}

Not only does that look spammy, it is a violation of Google's guidelines. And for Local Search, where you're trying to optimize for a specific location, you are diluting the keywords for any single location. Moreover, you need to look at what your potential customers are actually using as search terms. You should be optimizing for Adelaide, not all those little suburbs.

The site is slow to load, especially on mobile. That will be a negative factor in ranking. Getting rid of that large footer with all those extra links will reduce some of what's slowing the site down.

Basically, you are going about this all wrong. You need to learn more about local search and follow Google's guidelines if you hope to rank well.

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Thank you so much for the great response,
Recently (1 week back) we have added locations to each page of a footer. before it was on the homepage itself, the attached image shows how it was. 1 week back the keywords are responding very well to the homepage. after adding locations to all the pages, the keywords are going down. is it an only problem???

we want to rank for all the suburb areas also.

Home page Service pages.PNG

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For the same Website, From 1st August onwards my keywords are getting down very rapidly. I think because of google broad core update. can you suggest me ideas?


To answer that would really require an SEO audit and I'm afraid that is beyond the scope of this forum. I would advise you to find and consult a reputable and experienced SEO specialist for further advice.

Google's algorithms change all the time, on an almost daily basis. Some of these are very minor, some are major.

In addition to that, your competitors are not standing still either. Most website owners and managers tweak their SEO all the time as they see rival businesses moving up in Google SERPs or as they see their own sites dropping down. So it may not be something you are doing wrong or something Google has changed as much as it is just your competitors doing things better to improve their ranking. If they improve their ranking and you stay the same, your ranking will drop.


As per my experience, you can use keywords several times but if more than twice you give an internal link on one keyword then it might be count as spam and violation. So it's a good habit to not use an internal link in only one keyword.
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