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Keeping Leads In-House

Discussion in 'Sales' started by Barbara Arthur, Oct 7, 2016.

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  1. I have been in sales for 15 years now - I've sold credit cards, credit card machines, etc. I'd like to say that I am good at it. Now that I am helping manage a sales business is definitely not something I am good at. :( For those who worked in sales, you need to provide sales persons with leads - which is okay with me. The bigger question and problem is when sales persons bring their own leads! Which brings me to ask - if they brought their leads from their previous company, who is to say that they will not bring MY leads to their next company? Its like chicken and egg thing - if I do not bring them leads, they cannot sell. If they cannot sell - we do not make money. If I give them leads, chances are, they will take my leads with them when they move on. What do I do?
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  2. VirtualGlobalPhone

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    @Barbara Arthur ; very interesting topic so one like from my end :).

    The answer is not simple, let me give a try ....

    Here address this question " which is the true value, lead or the purchase order of the lead". The sales people tend to sell their leads, but actual sale happens not just because of the factor of known or trust but many more.

    In today's world of internet, it doesn't matter how many leads one has its how much business one converts out of that. So if i was you then i would have given few and tested the capacity of the person. Then given more ... and so on.
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  3. The way I see it , you will need an end point solution for this. Everyone in sales must be productive to be able to get your target sales and profit. In order to do that , you must have a valuable insight into the sales process. I think you have to set your rules and standards in your business. Otherwise, you may consider a company to provide you support for that matter.
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  4. Hey, thanks! 1 like from me too :)

    So, you are suggesting the trust and verify technique and that's something I've also considered. You are also right in saying that the value of the lead will only go so far as how much of the leads you'll be able to convert and all those in sales know very well that leads go stale too, so if I hold onto them and keep them locked in a box - they'll become useless to me and everyone else. I just want to make sure that aside from making it easier for my team, I am also not tempting them to sell or use my database elsewhere.
  5. I guess another thing that I am looking out for aside from productivity is accountability. The lowest going rate for data now is 2 cents per record. You need to minimum of 10,000 records to be able to load it in your dialer - otherwise, you'll need to manually dial and this is where it becomes tricky. When you put the records in the dialer, it is harder for sales people to copy your data and bring it with them outside of the office - anyway, 10,000 records is $200 and 1 person can go through 10,000 records in a week depending on the quality of the records - that's a huge cost. I know there are ways to protect my data what with all the software being developed now. In particular, I read about privileged access control the other day. This way, the productivity is not affected, but their access to information in the company servers is limited and monitored. Still, the big issue is the cost should come with corresponding profit and that is one thing that I want a bit of assurance on :(

    Anyway, I said too much :) - thanks for your input though!

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