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Just Starting and Creating a Loyal Customer Base

Discussion in 'Starting Your Business' started by Goldstandard89, Apr 19, 2016.

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  1. Goldstandard89

    Goldstandard89 Member

    How to you get customers and create a loyal bond when you are just starting your business?
  2. Pejman Ghadimi

    Pejman Ghadimi Member

    By staying connected to them. Dont just fufill orders and asume no complaints = good business. Reach out by phone, email or mail to let em know you d like to speak with them about their experience and go above and beyond to thank them for using your service on their first visit.
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  3. Prinston Hicks

    Prinston Hicks Member

    Building a loyal customer base requires a lot of dedication! @Pejman Ghadimi put it very well! I would also add that you must start by being a leader in your industry! To do this you must start with a strong vision, something others are willing to rally behind!

    For example if you have a fitness company and your vision is just to create workouts then you will most likely get people who just want to come workout with you and never connect any further.

    However, if your vision is to help people live a healthy lifestyle then people who resonate with that will want to buy your products and be a part of what you're doing!

    Once you lead your customers with a vision it would be very difficult for others to get their business.

    A great book that talks about this, if your interested, is Start With Why by Simon Sinek!

    Best of luck to you!
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  4. CoolSpot

    CoolSpot Member

    Problem orders is one of the biggest areas to gain repeat customers, a little intensive goes a long way into getting the customer to re order, just make sure on the re order you go well above their expectations to show them that the issues that were had last time was nothing more than a minor blip. Of course getting them to re order in this example assumes that you have excellent customer service, as poor customer service + issue means you wont get that re order even if you give it to them 50% off.

    It's important to remember that customer service is about more than just sorting out issues as they happen, but building and strengthening those relationships with your customers.

    I had a message a few days ago to let me know an order had not gone to plan (delivery got delayed, still waiting for it to be delivered). I have been in contact with the customer since he placed the order, giving weekly shipping updates and answering questions he had about related products and services (that I dont sell, but this helps build that relationship with the customer).
    When they contacted me to say that it was now a few days past the delivery date. I let them know all the details, such as I cannot mark an item as lost to claim on the shipping insurance for 45days after the day of dispatch, advised to allow another week for it to turn up (due to be delivered any day now since it is already over by a few days) and to let me know when he receives it and I will arrange a gesture of good will to make up for the late delivery (this is where affiliate discount codes for related products and services really come into their own), so his good will gesture will be looking something like 15% off his first subscription box for the related product and a $5-10 voucher to be used on my ecommerce store depending on how far past the delivery date it goes. I also outlined in the same message that I would refund him if the item is not received by the 16th, as this would be about 12 days after it was meant to be delivered as he had expressed concern in what would happen if the item never arrived.

    The message I received back confirmed that I had addressed all of his concerns and provided a higher level of service than he was expecting.

    Thanks for that i appreciate it ,
    I will still leave very good feedback as you have kept in contact with me and you have tried to help you dont get that on ebay very often"
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  5. David_Wu

    David_Wu Member

    Hi GoldStandard,

    Getting your first base of customers is the hardest, but once you have this, there are many ways to establish a relationship with them. Most common is through social media and email marketing. Social Media is good for real-time updates and feedback, but email is also useful when it comes to more specific deals (customized and tailored ones), that would coincide with your customer's buying behavior. It is one way of getting repeat-purchases and establish customer engagement.
  6. crueldeceiver

    crueldeceiver Member

    Small business success is highly dependent on the satisfied customer. The word of mouth has a big impact on your business. Especially now, where social media is just a few clicks away.
    Great customer service is the bedrock for creating customer loyalty.
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