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Journey: Instagram Followers

Discussion in 'General Business and Entrepreneurship' started by Aeon, Mar 3, 2015.

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  1. Aeon

    Aeon Member

    So basically I've been in IM for quite some time now and have seen people all over the internet do theese things so I decided to try and see how much I with my knowledge can acomplish in 45 days.
    We all know that if you want to notice the money you make from instagram you have to atleast have 50 000 followers than you can start monetizing by advertising companies in your niche , selling shoutouts , sending traffic to your website.

    Again let me mention that I am not doing this in order to make money nor have accounts but purely for testing purposes.I already own some pretty big instagram accounts and I am doing this for other people who might want to get into IM.
    One other thing that will make this different is I will be spending no money at all . No bots , no paying for fake followers , shoutouts etc just pure spam :D

    The niches I chose are very saturated to prove to people that if you are good enough you can always make it to the top no matter how saturated something is .
    Those are fashion,fitness and health.

    I will update this thread every day for the next 45 days to see how far we can go . I personally think we can reach the 50 k milestone over the 3 accounts.

    Day 0 - Explanation bellow
    So basicaly I am going to call this day 0 because of the pure fact that I was not trying to get , followers today.This day was all about setting up the accounts with pictures . I added 20 pictures per account with the aim to add 20 more tommorow. They all look really nice and even without any kind of marketing , tags , following other people the accounts got around 10 followers and about 3, 4 likes per picture which i consider an extreme victory. Other than that I was scraping users , and making notepads with the best tags for each niche, they will be put to use tommorow.Also now I am trying to think of some clever text to spam peoples comments . We all hate this but sometimes you got to do what you hate in order to achive results. Basicaly that is the whole day just setting things up so we can start tommorow . If you have any questions feel free to ask , untill than peace :)
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2015
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  2. K

    K Member

    This is awesome, subscribed!
  3. Aeon

    Aeon Member

    I added the first day / day zero . Will update it again tommorow :)
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  4. Purple

    Purple Member

  5. treebark

    treebark Member

    I have subscribed! Its Saturday, you did say you would update every day?
  6. ASAP!

    ASAP! Member

    Any update here please?

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