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Join the Million Dollar Team Challenge

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell, Trade' started by Debs, Sep 30, 2015.

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  1. Debs

    Debs Member

    Have you ever wanted to be part of a real business but never had been able to due to lack or resources, or not enough money? If so then I invite you to join the $1,000,000.00 Challenge Contest!

    We are excited to announce the First Annual $1,000,000 Collaborative Internet Business Building Challenge.

    The Goal is to form up to ten 10-person TEAMS who will together build an online business that will generate $1,000,000 gross profits in a 12-month period, starting now through December 31, 2016. Imagine how you will be able to enjoy your flush bank account (just in time for the 2015 and 2016 holiday seasons)!

    There is little doubt that more wealth has been created in the last 15 years by Internet companies than by any other type of business.

    Would you like to participate in a project that can generate some of that wealth for you?

    Most people know that the Internet has created enormous wealth, but what they do not know is that the large majority of those businesses were built by collaborating founders with strong support from knowledgeable experts.

    Notice: Initially, we can only provide good support to 10 teams. We are willing to help you participate in the Challenge as a DIY team, and can help you form such a team. Read the FAQ here.


    We have put an innovative support program in place that makes this Challenge unique. We have purchased and are monitoring a large number of courses, software packages and case studies to identify exactly how different entrepreneurs and businesses have generated solid incomes with the most efficient methods.

    In addition, there is more than two decades of intensive research on rapid small business growth and entrepreneurship behind this program.

    The lead developer for this project is a world class R&D Ph.D., the founder of one of the most successful IT companies in its region, reportedly achieving revenues of more than $40 million annually. He refers to that as his 3rd most successful business. Along the way government agencies contracted with him to develop training materials for entrepreneurs who wanted to start their own businesses. He considers that company to be his 2nd most successful enterprise.

    As a result of that experience he became involved in research on "venture development" as well as venture capital. The difference is that venture development, as he defines it, uses mostly sweat equity instead of investment capital.

    Because of the Internet's leveraging power to create value with sweat equity, he has spend many years of research studying how best to use that power and has been working on programs to make that happen. He has focused on creating a venture development system as the foundation of general prosperity and job creation, because he knows that there are many, many more people who have available sweat- than money capital.

    This Challenge is one of the results of all that work... and you can benefit!

    How the Challenge Works for Supported Teams
    Each Team will receive access to core information and assistance relating to:

    • Selecting a market niche (minimum global size of at least $100 million annually)
    • Positioning strategy and rationale relating to audience(s) [this is critical and where most people get it wrong]
    • Product/services development/selection
    • 5-10 best available website domain names [we have some available]
    • Core revenue generating methods
    • Most effective revenue producing tactics [it is surprising what can be done to generate $1MM in revenues; we will show you]
    • Coordination of cross-promotion and cross-referral activities system [has high impact potential]
    • A plan that will optimize revenue potential within the 10-month time frame
    • Team coordination and productivity
    • Task implementation and execution
    The Main Steps
    1. Read the basic participation rules, here.
    2. Decide that you want to be part of this $1,000,000 Challenge!
    3. Complete a brief email application.
    4. Your application will be reviewed by a member of the support team, and if there appears to be a fit a phone interview will be scheduled.
    5. Complete a confidentiality agreement and pay a $90 application fee (refundable if not accepted in the program).
    6. You will be notified if we cannot find a good fit for you to participate in the Challenge. [If we cannot place you, the application fee will be returned immediately.]
    7. As part of the participation process we recommend that you complete a special online assessment that will be used to evaluate your "action profile" as a basis for forming your business development team. [This assessment is amazing and costs ~$50. Because we believe strongly in the value of this assessment we agree to pay $25 (half) toward the cost of the assessment.]
    8. We will send you confidential project information package that outlines in more detail how your team can build a $1,000,000 business with our support system.
    9. We will have a Google Hangout meeting where you can meet key members of the support team and discuss any questions you may have.
    10. Make a final go-ahead decison at which time a $400-per-participant fee is required. This fee covers part of the cost of:
      1. Business setup
      2. Initial marketing/advertising budget
      3. Support site access
      4. 20 biweekly support webinars
      5. web domains--5 to 10 domains per team [There is an important reason for this.]
      6. Informational materials
      7. Support software
      8. Relevant digital products
      9. Project start-up costs, PLUS
      10. 25 hours/month outsource personnel work per team
      11. Plus an online network system that truly provides an unfair advantage
    11. The starting date for the contest is the date that a team is formed and notified by ChallengeContests.com via time-stamped email. The closing date will be one year later.
    12. All decisions made by ChallengeContests.com about contest operations and procedures are final.
    As you can see, we are offering great value. We are doing that because we want to demonstrate how powerful collaboration can be for small teams using the Internet.

    So if you are interested in doing the $1,000,000 Challenge, do not wait. We have no idea how long it will take to fill up the available slots, but it may happen soon. Send us your email application now.

  2. drrandd

    drrandd Member

    My partner send me a link to this post, and I must say there is quite a bit of tragicomedy here. You have actually done us a favor by highlighting the value of this project, as I shall explain below.

    Let's see:

    >"Let me get this right, you want 10 teams of 10 people, which makes 100 people."

    Good start, but goes downhill fast from there. This is a correct premise, except that we will work with 5-person teams but recommend against it.

    >"If the project works you estimate that it'll make the people involved $1M in profit, split over 100 people is $10K each."

    Bad premises. (1) 10 corporations x $1M "gross profits" = $10M, bearing in mind that this is a Challenge Contest.
    (2) $10M gross profits divided by 100 = < $100K each, depending on net profits.

    >"If that's all I get for a years work, you can fuck off."

    It is good logic to use the "if" clause, but then the next phrase, "all I get" implies a truly awful premise. If you have any business sense at all, then you ought to know that the main value from a one-year growth business does NOT come from the net income alone.

    Then, where are you reading that you are putting in "a year's work". We are requiring a 10-15 hour/week commitment as a minimum. Yes, I know for some people that really does mean "a year's work". If that is who you are, you are definitely the wrong person for any team that I believe in.

    What can I say about the next phrase. Not too professional is it?

    But I am assuming, it ties in with the next two sentences, consisting of perhaps the worst premise of all, plus a conclusion that, given the bad premises, deserves a form of punishment that would make the Inquisition look like quireboys, and that's because I hate scammers worse than the Inquisition hated heretics. And, somebody who falsely accuses you, based on bad logic, is perhaps the most evil of all creatures, other than those who are really bad mental cases.

    Now, let's take a look at the total support that is being committed for $54,000 for 10 corporations.

    1. Incorporation costs x 10 plus corporate formation support (Do you have any idea what that ordinarily costs all by itself? Let's say an average law firm at minimum that would be 10 x500 = $5K. Our incorporation support is much, much better than that.

    2. Initial marketing/advertising budget. Our goal here is that each company start with a $1,500-$2,000 advertising budget. That would be 10x$1,500 at least = $15,000. So now there is $50K - 20K = $30K of our rip-off compensation left.

    3. Support site access. We ordinarily charge $45/mo. for premium access, bearing in mind that we have paid $15K+ for the materials, courses and software that we are using the support the teams, as per 6-8. Let's be ridiculous and put a value of $50/person/year which would then total 50 x 100 = $5K

    4. 20 biweekly support webinars. Let's indulge and put a value of 0 on that just for giggles.

    5. 5-10 web domains with one year hosting. Let's say 7 domains x 10 = 70. Cost there is admittedly negligible.

    6-8 as per #3 above.

    9. Project start-up costs. We will cover those, assuming they are reasonable.

    10. 25 hrs/month work by outsource personnel per team. Let's see, 25x12x10 = 3,000 hours committed. At an estimated $4/hr value here that would be $12K.

    11. Online network system. Well, you are offering internet marketing services, so you ought to know how much that might be worth, but we won't count it.

    We expect at a minimum to commit four persons to provide support at average of 10 hours/week for a total of 2,000 hours professional time. Let's put a ridiculous value of $10/hr on that, so that would equal $20K.

    There is also the $50 assessment fee per person which is done by an external business and is the cost of the assessment. So there is another $50 x 100 = $5K.

    Totaling just the obvious costs, I calculate $5K + $15K + $5K + $12K + $20K + $5K = $62K.

    Taking out expected personnel costs the total out-of-pocket costs is still $30K, and again, if you have any business experience you would know how cost projections tend to work out.

    $54K - $30K = $24K to support 10 Corporations for one year with 3,000 hours outsource work absolutely committed.

    Well, I don't believe that we are stupid, so that is not exactly the compensation plan, is it. Our plan puts us at risk and therefore is much better for our partners.

    So what exactly can we conclude about you from your post, say regarding your reading comprehension, arithmetic abilities, integrity, business sense, and ethics?

    I have to thank you, because your post is an excellent example of what is terribly wrong with our world today. I shall definitely use it as a case exemplar.

    The fact is that anyone who would "take the time" to actually "READ" our offer, and had some sense, would at a minimum recognize the value potential. Of course, an effort involving a team building a $1M business in one year would justify what 15 minutes of reading?

    Yeah, we took about 35 minutes to put this offer together.

    Last edited: Oct 1, 2015
  3. Debs

    Debs Member

    Thanks for your reply as it helps us to know where additional clarification may be useful. While it is alway possible to put more time into a website, that is only one part of the picture. The expertise behind the project involves more than a few years of research and practical experience.

    I think that's great that you can form a corporation in the UK for 13 Euro dollars! However we clearly state that each business will be incorporated as a Wyoming LLC. From a global perspective, there are solid reasons why we require that. In the US even the lower cost corporations are around the $200 mark. One of the reasons we want the teams to incorprate their business in the US is partly for legal protection but also because as a growth company there is a good chance that they can attract venture capital which can help them grow their business, and here I have already said more than we want to tell the general public, which is why we require each participant to sign a confidentiality agreement.

    The other thing I'm not sure you understand is that this is a Challenge Contest, which means we are challenging people to build a company with $1MM in gross profits within a 12-month period. They don't have to work with us at all, although we will have a procedure in place for DIY teams to certify their financials and would charge for that, or they can have other firms do that. We don't care. It is a Challenge Contest to encourage people to enter a friendly competition to use their collective creativity and knowledge to build a business. The Contest has value whether people want to work with us or not.

    You are claiming that the products have little value but I assure you that they are not cheap $7 ebooks! The resources we provide are part of the proprietary knowledge that has take time and monies to put together. We are not making that information freely available, although will give some examples as a demonstration regarding your claims.

    You make price comparisons to belittle the value of what we are offering, but I noticed on your website that you offer 500 business cards for 250 Euros which is about $280 US dollars, now to me that's very overpriced as I can go to site here in the us called Vistaprint and get the same thing for about $20! But the thing I want to point out is that you must obviously have some reason why you think they are worth that much, yet I don't see it! So if you don't see the value in what we are offering that's fine as you're entitled to your opinion but to call someone a scammer just because you don't agree with it could be considered defamation of character because you have no proof! It's really just your opinion and how you perceive things.

    Let's take your outsourcing comment and saying it's worth 0, well maybe you haven't had good luck with them but we have someone on staff who has spent a tremendous amount of time interviewing and finding qualified outsourcers that we use for things in our own business. It's not an easy task because I too have had bad experiences with outsourcers as have most people who have used them. So by us putting these resources together we are not only saving people money from trial and error but also a lot of their valuable time! If you don't see any value in that then I'm sorry to say but you're not much of a business person!

    Did you also notice that we mention that application fee will be refunded if we don't feel they are good a fit for the team, and that we conduct a telephone interview with every person who wants to joint a team. If we wanted to take the money and run like a scammer we wouldn't offer a refund, and we just keep them money regardless if they got accepted or not. Here in the US I can go apply to rent an apt or a house and most places charge an application fee of $20-40 yet if they don't approve you for a rental they just keep the money. Processing applications take time, especially with this type of project.

    These are just a few examples of where readers can be misinterpret your comments, even if there is validity from a simpler point of view.
  4. Nik

    Nik Member

    There are a few things about this that ring alarm bells for me:

    - What on earth is the challengecontests site doing on Flippa? (Image below).

    - How come an identically worded post (well, I didn't check that carefully) was posted on a famous internet marketing forum by someone called Debbie (I guess the same person as the Debs poster here) who has a long history of ordinary involvement there that doesn't inspire confidence that she has the type of real-world high level experience needed to be part of running something like this?

    - How come I couldn't see any real-world names or contact details (not even a company phone number) on the website? Anyone accepted on the program has to pay hundreds of dollars to get going. I'd really want to know who that money was going to!

    - I notice that part of what you sign up to is that a percentage of profits that your team makes goes to the "challenge contests" team.

    I can't help wondering whether this isn't just a bunch of warrior-type people with an idea to do a bit of hand holding etc in the hope that some team actually makes it big and they get a slice of the profits into the future. That's got far greater potential to be a big winner (for the people behind the "challenge") than selling their advice at $7 a throw.

    But I'm only wondering.

    Attached Files:

  5. drrandd

    drrandd Member

    [In further response to Sugar Cube Productions]

    Certainly, meaning comes from context, which is the foundation of communication, and yes in deference to people such as Kye, we will change the sentence at issue.

    It boggles my mind that somebody could interpret that sentence, in the context of the whole offer and supporting information, as meaning that we would support the formation and growth of a single business by forming 10 teams of 10 people, and ONLY charge $54,000 for that. [I would sincerely like to know how many readers came away with that interpretation AFTER spending some time studying the offer and site.]

    Let me continue by saying that I appreciate your writing, if not your motivation.

    That is because now you have provided even more case study material in three different ways at several levels of abstraction, as I shall demonstrate a bit in my response here focusing on "internet marketing". As mentioned, I plan to turn this discussion into a unique case study example and you have certainly helped with that.

    My main motivation for writing my response here is that I am in fact starting my case study by responding to you. In addition, in a small way I believe that I am giving back some value to readers of this website, including you.

    What makes "internet marketing" so important is that it is in fact the best, least-cost and fastest approach to grow a business and income, even though it is becoming more and more difficult--a big reason to move quickly with the kind of project we are offering.

    However, today the phrase "internet marketing" has become very misleading in part because of people like you who are offering internet marketing help without sufficient expertise.

    On top of that much of "internet marketing" is obsolete already IN THE CONTEXT OF HOW IT IS USED and being offered.

    To paraphrase Warren Buffett, perhaps still the world's most successful investor, "Most people look in the rearview mirror when they ought be looking ahead."

    Our business plan is aimed at 2020, not 2010. Our partners benefit greatly from that, and we encourage them to think the same and show them how.

    Now, to save time, I shall just make some relevant points in response to your last post and leave it at that, with the caveat that it is important to do a fair amount of "reading between the lines" to appreciate the validity/value of what I am stating.

    1. Yes, communication is extremely difficult and misinterpretations and misperceptions occur in innumerable ways. If you want to understand more about how and why, the best source to study is Hayakawa's, "Language in Thought and Action". It ought to be required study (not just reading) for everybody. People might also want to study Donald Davidson's work who probably knew more about language and its use that anyone before or since.

    2. There is in fact way too much information available for an average person, and now, more than ever, it takes a lot of R&D, experience, analysis and ability to apply knowledge to get outstanding results. One person is not going to get it done, and it will not happen in a day.

    3. What you state about costs has some validity in its own way, but is also very misleading. Here is some valuable information: Internet Marketing Ninjas, Digital Marketer and Rapid Crush. Would you know what to do with that list? A piece of information is worthless if you do not know what to do with it. (That is why you said what you said, and that was actually not a positive for you.) These are companies in the "internet marketing area" that are not just a list. They are the best in their respective areas, but you would have to know what that means. I can tell you how each was started, what their strengths are, and some of their weaknesses. Right now you can become a "Charter Member" of Digital Marketer's support site for $38.60 per month. We own 90% of their materials, and I have been, and am, studying and testing them. Here is another piece of valuable information: Kudani probably offers the top content development service/software in the world. You can pay them $416, $83, $33 or $25 per month. We provide access to their knowledge and that of other top content developers. Let me emphasize again, it is not just that you can buy the information but you need to know how best to apply it. We are building a system to apply and integrate business growth knowledge. Access to Digital Marketer at $38.60 per month is a very good value. Premium access to our support site is a much better value at $45/mo.

    4. The list in #3 is just a minute example of the resources we have purchased and studied. I strongly doubt that you even know that the above companies exist although they are the top competitors in a field where you offer your services. More importantly, 90%+ of SME's do not know about those three and know even less how that is relevant. Again, if you do not recognize the value implications of that, too bad for you.

    5. Consider the assessment that we recommend. Properly applied the value is truly priceless for every normal adult who uses it. Do we tell people about it in other contexts. Of course. However in this programmatic context it adds a competitive advantage and disclosing it would possibly damage the teams and us.

    6. We are not disclosing more "proprietary" information than I have here. Do you have any idea what is happening with intellectual property competition today? Nik's post illustrates the point, even if he wasn't doing competitive research. We are not concerned about you or about SME's in general. We are very concerned about our potential competitors, and our (prospective) partners ought to be concerned as well. We ask for a non-disclosure and do personal interviews not just for us, but for them as well. Perhaps you can understand the value of that. [We do not think of personal interviews as just a one-way process. Tell you what. You put your own team business building program together and a web site, and I'll send you a hundred dollars for an an interview. We'll see what kind of integrity you have.]

    7. Frankly, you have no business offering internet marketing services, except perhaps in a limited way (and neither do 10's of thousands of other web design professionals/enterprises), as your comments prove. To demonstrate, let's just take one objective measure of web presence. Right now your website registered in 2011, four years ago, has an Alexa ranking of 6,983,091. Our site, registered less than two years ago, where we just launched our first campaign three days ago, has an Alexa ranking of 5,521,784, already more than a million spots better than yours. Yes, Alexa is a very rough measure, but it can tell you quite a bit in a fraction of a second. No, we did not use flyers to start marketing our site, and neither did we rig anything, and so far we have spent very little money as we are still testing and improving.

    Best Wishes to You.
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2015
  6. drrandd

    drrandd Member

    "I've never once stated that I do internet marketing either, just that I make websites."


    "Online marketing"

    "We create marketing ... Our marketing solutions ... your marketing to your customers needs.
    ... Not all marketing companies ... we work with you ... ensure that your marketing message ..

    What kind of "scam" is that?

    That is not your site? My apologies if it's not your site, or I may have misperceived/misinterpreted something.

    Thank you again.

    Your comments have been very useful, and truly I have been attempting to engage in reasonable communications.

    Debs likes this.
  7. drrandd

    drrandd Member


    Yes, I can see where that might cause some alarm. It was actually an innovative type of test.

    As you may have noticed, the price was set so that it would be very unlikely to sell at that time. We thought the listing was ended and forgot about it.

    Thanks for bringing it up.

  8. Debs

    Debs Member


    I just want to say that just because of my ordinary involvement on another forum does not mean that I cannot be extraordinarily involved in this project. We have also made it clear that there is a group of people with excellent backgrounds, who are all working on this program, and no they are not warrior types. Not everybody likes to spend time hanging out on forums.

    You are aware, I am sure, that there are many reputable companies who market product and services with just online contact forms. We have provided an email address and are perfectly willing to respond to inquiries. There are good, normal reasons for that.

    As we state, we ask for a confidentiality agreement and a personal interview. After that we will be completely transparent and expect that from everybody else as well. That is a requirement for good team work.

    You have made a good observation that points out why our group is very motivated to support each team well, but it is not as much of a one-way advantage as you might think. If we win, the team we are helping is winning much more. With that plan we would be rather stupid just to do a bit of hand-holding, wouldn't we? That aspect of the plan and what is behind it, is one more reason for a non-disclosure.

    We are not asking anybody to send any money, other than the refundable application fee, until they have talked with us, know who we are, and are comfortable with all the details we provide. We want to know about them too and see if they are a good fit, and just sending us money is not good enough. We have much more invested.

    Thanks for your interest,

  9. CoolSpot

    CoolSpot Member

    Even after reading all of this, I don't see how this would benefit someone wanting to start a business any more than posting for a JV and investing the $540 straight into the business, all you seem to be doing is creating another overhead, increasing the cost of the startup and therefore lessening the chances of a $1m first year. Either you cannot explain your idea well enough or have not thought everything through, either way it becomes a massive problem when you are trying to get other people to pay you to start their business as it shows you don't really know what your doing.
    drrandd likes this.
  10. drrandd

    drrandd Member

    Thanks much for your post. You have concisely identified some other issues altogether which helps us as well.

    "Either you cannot explain your idea well enough or have not thought everything through,"

    The concept is innovative and probably unique. The history of innovation shows how difficult it is to communicate something unfamiliar no matter how good, or "simple", the idea is. For example, it took years and tremendous research by Florence Nightingale to convince people that clean hospitals saved MANY lives. I believe that Semmelweis was never able to convince people that hand washing would save lives.

    This has become a live case study, and I am fairly certain that we have identified 80%+ of communication obstacles w/in less than 5 days of initiating the program.

    "Even after reading all of this, I don't see how this would benefit someone wanting to start a business any more than posting for a JV and investing the $540 straight into the business.."

    Well, yes, but have you considered how that would work out? We know a lot about joint ventures. This is not at all like the standard internet marketing JV's and "real" business joint ventures are quite difficult to execute (see my next post").

    "all you seem to be doing is creating another overhead, increasing the cost of the startup and therefore lessening the chances of a $1m first year."

    Good point, but ~$200 additional out-of-pocket overhead per person for a whole year is rather minuscule considering what we are adding, but you are right, that is a matter of value for the business.

    ".. you are trying to get other people to pay you to start their business as it shows you don't really know what your doing."

    I assure you that we know what we are doing, but that doesn't mean that we are perfect. We are NOT trying to get other people to pay us to start their business. This specifically is where we can be much clearer. To demonstrate, I have reframed the above offer using just joint venture language.

    Hope you read it and am interested in your response.

  11. drrandd

    drrandd Member

    "REFRAMED" Team Growth Business Building Challenge.

    We are challenging you to form a joint venture of 5-10 partners to build a high-growth business in one year. The Challenge is to build a business that will generate $1MM in gross profits within 12 months. [It may take longer, but that is not the challenge.]

    You can do this yourself, or we can provide a service to set up such a joint venture for you as follows:

    1. The joint venture requires a minimum participation of 10-15 hours per week. We strongly recommend teams of 10 persons.

    2. We will recruit and screen your prospective business partners, including you too, using an application process, telephone interview and (external) performance prediction assessment tool. You can decide if you want to join a proposed team that we find for you. We decide if we believe that we can find a team for you. Our per-person fee for doing this is $100. The cost of the assessment tool is $50.

    3. Send in a brief email telling us about yourself, why you are interested in a business growth joint venture, and what you can contribute. We will make your message available to all prospective partners, if you and us agree to proceed.

    4. After we receive your introductory message, a refundable fee of $100 is due, with a non-disclosure agreement, and we will conduct a telephone interview with you to discuss the joint venture, your interests and questions, and your capabilities. If we do not find an agreeable joint venture team for you within 30 days of the interview, we will refund the fee.

    5. We are building a business growth support system that we believe will signicantly increase the prospects of the joint venture.

    6. The joint venture has to be an Internet-based company.

    7. The joint venture has to be a U.S. Corporation (Wyoming LLC) and form a structure and business plan that will be agreed upon jointly by the partners and us, including independent directors, stock distribution formula, buy-sell agreements and valuation procedure.

    8. The joint venture partners will make a capital contribution of $500 each, payable to the new corporation, to fund the startup of the business.

    9. With our support program we expect that each corporation collaborate with the other enterprises in the program when warranted.

    10. We commit that our personnel will contribute a minimum of 40 hours per week to support the overall program. For this we receive 5% equity and profit sharing.

    11. We will share equity as well, which means that everybody can share in the overall success of the project.

    12. Our fee for establishing the corporate structure, including assistance with recruitment of directors, is $100 per person, to be charged to the corporation.

    13. We guarantee 10x the initial capital contribution ($500x10 = $5,000) to each performing partner within three years. We do that with the buy-sell agreement.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2015
  12. CoolSpot

    CoolSpot Member

    You seem to have writen a lot and explained very little, eg/ "40 hours of suport" what exactly do you suport? With your last point(number 13) it seems what you are offering is pay you $500 and if the user then dosnt do any work you will pay them 10x the investment in 3 years. This makes it seem more like you are looking for investors in your buisness rather than helping someone to start thier own.

    As for your point with inovative buisnesses, you need to prvide proof in order to get anywhere.

    I also notice that this is something that you have not provided in any of the posts, if you are helping others start buisness, how many buisnesses have you started?
    what markets are coverd?
    If you are providing suport then I would expect you to have a better knolage of the buisness I want to start than I d regardless of the type of buisness it is.

    If this is your sales pitch, your going to need a whole lot of work to get anyone to sign up.

    A good sales pitch should address the persons questions and conserns before they are givein the oppertunity to buy. But of course if you have ever successfully sold anything you should know this.

    I cant see who your market would be (just because i dont see it dosnt mean it dosnt exisit though) the only people I can think you would be targeting is the people looking for get rich quick schemes. Entreprenerurs are rescourseful by nature, so most of what you said you will offer will be of little or no use as before a penny gets invested the market would have been fully researched, so they would know the ins and outs and how it works.

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