I found this speech at and I thought of sharing it here. I find his story very inspirational and I hope it can encourage some of you, too. What I like about his story is how he built three of his businesses against the biggest names in the industry. A lot of us often don't want to take on a business that's already been clearly dominated by big corporations, but this man challenged that and made a brand that fought against the giants and came out a victor. Anyway, it's quite a long read - but I hope you find encouragement and inspiration in his story.

ENJOY: John Gokogwie of JG Summit Holdings:
I almost cried while reading this. I always knew that the Gokongweis were rich but I didn't know the trials that they've encountered. There was even a myth about the source of their wealth, a half-man half-snake that was hidden in the basement and laid golden eggs. But hearing the story of Mr. Gokongwei, I know that it was purely being determined and wise made him into who he is today. I admire him for that and for passing his knowledge to his family members. I need to print this speech in order to remind myself that I could achieve great things with hardwork and determination. Thank you for sharing this, by the way :)
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