No idea or dream is totally impossible. Sometimes the original idea may not work out like you planned and imagined, but it will usually work in some form with a little - or a lot! - of tweaking.

I have noticed when reading about innovators and inventors that often their ideas were mocked and scorned and the inventor even completely gave up. But at a later time, the idea took off and changed the world!

I like how on the list they worked out the negatives one at a time and crossed them off. That is a great idea! Break things down into smaller, specific goals. It works for me every time!!


I'm not too sure what to make of this, haha (my bad!) Pardon if I didn't get the idea correctly.

An idea that is new will always have opposition. It will take time for people to adapt.
If you're an environmentalist, you'll definitely going to push for the use of e-vehicles. Others opposed to it, will have a host of reasons just to discourage consumers from supporting it. The oil-producing and oil-rich nations will surely do everything in their power to discourage people from patronizing or even considering electric cars.

But to me, there's no amount of opposition can hold if the market is looking for alternatives. There will always be those people who will be willing to go along with the change and just go for it. Never mind if they hear arguments such as it takes hours to recharge the batteries of e-cars, or there are not enough electric fueling stations yet.

Bottomline, like any other consumer product, the individual consumer will still be the one who knows what he needs and whether electric cars will answer his own needs.


This is quite interesting. It is not a good idea to shoot down innovative ideas because these ideas are the ones that will help us move forward. It reminds me of the quote by Thomas Watson the chairman of IBM in 1943 who said: "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers." Look at where we are now!


Oh boy, do I believe in that what the OP is addressing--that we limit our dreams because they seem impossible. Yet once we accomplish those dreams, nothing seems out of reach. Every advancement mankind has made was, at one time, not possible. But through perseverance and persistence, people have done astounding things. All it takes is a little (or a big) push in the right direction to get the momentum rolling. If you're determined and think creatively, even nailing jello to a tree becomes doable.


Well, you do have to take into account that technology and aesthetics were not exactly the only things that were holding back the electric car but the very massive, very powerful, very rich and very corrupt big oil but I completely agree with the core message of your picture. Heck, even the fact that some very powerful players control a business could be used as an excuse to not pursuit what could be an awesome opportunity, so, yeah, impossible until is done. I would add to that phrase that at the exact moment that you say that something is impossible somebody else will do it.


What a coincidence. The news headline today said that Tesla had orders amounting to $7.5B. The US government is happy about that because electric car is zero pollution.

We have a family friend who used to be a factory worker in a hand-to-mouth existence. He is a positive thinker and he would draw his dream every night before bedtime. In any sheet of paper, he would draw a house, a car, and some objects of his dream. He persevered with his stories that he submits to the magazine. After 5 years of perseverance, one of his stories saw publication. That was the start and then one story was made into a movie and eventually, he was writing movie scripts and later on he became a film director. He would always tell us the dreams can come true if you bear it in mind all the time.


Well that is certainly a positive attitude to have, and when you get right down to it, it is true. Just think of all of the things that were thought to be impossible, and then one day here we are living with them like it is nothing. I am probably looking at about ten of them right now as I type this. It is interesting stuff to think about, so thanks for that little exercise of a Friday night.
This is definitely true. I think with every new idea, there is bound to be someone out there who will oppose that idea. There will always be a nay-sayer for every idea, as well as some yay-sayers. The truth is, you cannot please everyone and it's time we stop trying to. The more we focus on what we want to achieve, the more achievable it is. The more we ignore the detractors, the more that we can progress.

I have had my fair share of people who opposes every action I take. Sometimes, it's direct and sometimes, it's a bit hidden. I'm talking about their intentions, but they only have one goal: to distract me from my goals. But no matter what, I try to pursue my goals... My dreams. Because they are mine, not theirs, to make. And if I succeed, I will have the final laugh. Lol.

With regards to electric cars, who knew that one day we will have them? The same goes for electronic email. Who knew that we can have these things? Anything is possible if we put our mind into it. Maybe your idea is a million dollar one, if only you can take action and fulfil it.

Good luck, everyone!

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Yeah, but that's the fun in it for me. You never know when it (the venerable it) will get done. You think you do, but as they say, s**t happens! I love it when I'm closing in on a wrap up because I know there is something unexpected closing in on me. It's like the surprise in the Cracker Jack box. you know it's there, you have to dig for it, and with a little work, there it is.


For the most part, it's better to know that you tried at something that you wanted to do than regretting not trying at all. You'll only know the result if you try and the result might pleasantly surprise you. You might even go as far as to say why didn't I try sooner or why did I doubt myself in the first place?!

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I think its fair to say, if you think its impossible it will be very hard to get backers or to sell it. However if you truly believe its, part of the way things should and will be then it is. My mom used to say reality is what you make it, every one see’s things in a different way, if you want them to see it your way hand them your glass’s.


Fear is what holds most people back. They are afraid they'll fail. They seek advice and friends tell them what they have in mind will probably fail. At times the only advice you need is how to do something. And after you try and it fails your regret never will be, "If only I'd tried . . . "

Try. Even if you fail, you'll learn something you can use at some other time.
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