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Is Wordpress dedicated hosting worth it?

Discussion in 'Starting Your Business' started by Lynda, Mar 23, 2016.

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  1. Lynda

    Lynda Member

    We're looking at launching a new site as a break from what we are working on at the moment. It would be based largely around wordpress, and while we were going to use standard hosting, we've noticed wordpress can have some issues with speed on it. Fixing this requires a lot of tweaking and customising themes to make sure all the calls are as efficient as possible.

    We've had an offer from a hoster we haven't used before who offers dedicated wordpress hosting. They are more expensive, but they say that their hosting is tuned for wordpress and can solve issues like speed, memory limits, or database connection limits. Has anyone used dedicated wordpress hosting, and does it actually provide a boost over a standard VPS?

    I'd just like a few more opinions before I put money into it.
  2. jona

    jona Member

    Well, when it comes to dedicated wordpress hosting the company that's famous for it is Bluehost. These guys are basically the ones that the Wordpress people recommend and they basically have a partnership with them going back to 2005. They claim to have 2 engineers fully dedicated to Wordpress on staff so it is reasonable to expect that they have figure out by now all the bottle necks that you face and tweaks that you have to perform to make Wordpress run smoothly, plus they have direct access to the actual people that develops Wordpress.

    If you are actually facing database connections errors or degraded performance that means that you have outgrown your current provider and more sooner than later will have to change to a dedicated hosting anyway.
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  3. Alaine

    Alaine Member

    Avoid hosting providers you've never heard of. While there is a possibility that their hosting service can be as great as they say it is, you most certainly don't want to spend money hoping that what you heard was true. If it proves not to be then as your money won't be refunded and you have to find a better webhost anyway, that money would have been wasted.

    That said, I too would recommend Bluehost anytime. And there's another plus. Though it's rated as as one of the best hosting services for Wordpress it's quite cheap.

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