Would like to know is it really that easy to raise fund and start buisness ? I think raising fund is most difficult job.



Its definitely not easy to raise capital for a business from investors for example.

Most investors or Angel Investors require a solid business plan which includes a detailed financial forecast. Without those and a confident pitch, funds can be difficult to acquire (Unless a family member or friend has money to invest in your business).

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I guess it depends on what exactly you want to do and what line of business, have you had any thoughts on direction?

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Would like to know is it really that easy to raise fund and start buisness ? I think raising fund is most difficult job.

When someone asks these questions (is it really that easy to raise fund and is it really that easy to start business?), on average they haven't had enough experience in business to ask for money or investment. I raised capital, sourced locations, developed business plans, and launched startups for nine years in Vegas. I was contacted dozens of times a day by individuals asking these questions. Typically, anyone in the investment side of startups, new technology, etc., will automatically deny access to anyone that doesn't know the right questions to ask or have the right presentations ready to go at a moments notice.

Raising capital and acquiring investors are not generally one in the same. I think the OP would benefit from the following reading. Remember OP, those that would be willing to give you money must know that their money is in good hands. Someone that is knowledgeable of business gets their attention more often than someone that simply has a what they think may be a good idea.

Give these books a go:

1. Will It Fly?, by Thomas K. McKnight

2. The E-Myth Revisited, by Michael E. Gerber

3. Guerrilla Marketing, by Jay Conrad Levinson

4. The Business Planning Guide, by David H. Bangs Jr.

5. Start Run & Grow a Successful Small Business, by Toolkit Media Group

There are many, many, more. These will get you started. Remember, the best and most successful business people are those that research 24/7/365.

Put your business idea on paper, in the shape of a business plan for yourself to follow and develop, implement your plan and if and when this business proves to be successful, you may then be in the position to seek out an investor.



I think before you become successful in one field, you really have got to work hard for it. Nothing ever comes easy. You have got to come up with a plan first, and of course, you need to raise a captital so you could be able to fund your business.


Based on my own experience it is not that easy to put up a business. There are many things to be considered before you can start operating a business. First is be sure that you really have an interest and knows the kind of business that you like to have because if you lack this quality then how you will be have the inspiration to work hard and to make your business to be successful in the long run. Second are you sure you are financially capable and have the resources of funds that you will need to start your business?. Do you already had a good location site that will attract easily customers? Who are your target customers and what strategies you will make in order for them to patronize your products or services at once? Aside from this things you have to prepare some business requirements and documents like registering your business name, getting business permit and licenses, getting tax permits etc. All of these you must bear in mind first and comply first before they will allow you to operate your business and lastly you must always be ready to what might be the outcome of your business. Putting up a business needs courage and good presence of mind and will power that you can do it!


Raising funds is the hardest part for most cases. It will probably take a lot of time. But you can do it. And once you do, it'll be fairly easy to start up your business and get the ball rolling.

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