Do you think that it is necessary to have a phone support?
Is it better to handle your sales requests through the ticketing system or email or to do it over the phone?


Phone support isn't essential but I do think it adds an extra dimension as even in this day and age of the internet ruling the world, some people still prefer to speak to an actual person and even live chat isn't as personal as actually hearing a persons voice.
I think a combination of support ticket/email support, live chat, and phone support is best. Although, it is true that Internet is where we are at nowadays. However, sometimes things just cannot be done easily online and talking to someone can really help. So is it essential? There are arguments on both sides of this but I will stay far away from giving my opinion. Both sides have valid points and none are wrong.

What I can tell you is this...

If you work at an office or home office where you can make/take calls separate from your personal phone number(s) and your office is separate from where everyone else has access freely so the calls can be quiet and distract free then you may want to think about live chat & phone support, if you can handle it or have a team of employees to help. As business expands, so will support volume.

If you do not have an distraction free, quiet and separate place just to your self and/or do not a team to help with the volume, you should probably stick with just email/ticket system support. Only you can answer this question now.

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Phone support can also be handled by your Virtual Assistant and may be best to use a Google Number while you are small. As you grow you can outsource it. Believe me when I say you do not want to handle these calls yourself. Put the calls into the hands of someone trained to do so.


It depends of the business. There are some cases when a phone support department would be useless. For instance, try to talk to anyone from the big stores during Black Friday. Nobody will ever answer.

On the other hand, most of the businesses who sell technical products need a professional phone support system. I know a lot of business owners choose to hire fresh high school graduates with no experience and train them, but truth is that they are not enough. Sure, they may be good to register tickets, but you need professional people to handle technical problems, who also know how to handle tough customers.


In my line of business (web hosting) I typically do not offer technical support over the phone.
I prefer support requests to come through our trouble-ticket reporting system or via email.
Primarily, it provides both our customer support team, and the client an audit trail of communications.

Besides that, if the issue is rather serious, I don't want the client on the phone for an issue that may take 30 minutes to resolve. It allows us to focus on fixing problems brought to our attention in a timely manner.

Also, having an audit trail allows me to review the performance of my employees.

Is it necessary? In my experiences, no. I typically open tickets most of the time anyway. It also allows me a tangible response too.
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A lot will depend on what support your talking about also.

Technical support might not be a viable option to have over the phone but services such as booking, general queries or sales could be an option depending on the business your in.


Phone support will not be going anywhere for a long long time. Convenience is the keyword of the day (as it was many years ago). If you can present support easily through quick response email or submission of tickets, then your company is already looking to be a most admired and outstanding business. Even then, you'd still need some phone support for the few persons who have convinced themselves that they are not tech savvy and would prefer to talk to someone.


I believe offering some sort of phone support is a good idea, but I don't think it's really necessary specially if you are just running a small business. If you have got a lot of clients, then I suggest implementing customer service over the phone in your business.


From a logical perspective, prospects are very ready to come on board your program or even to buy what you have to offer, be it a service or a shippable product, however what stands between you and them to make a move is INFORMATION and LEGITIMACY! The more comprehensive information they have about your offer the better the enlightened they shall be and the better the chance for a sale. On the other hand, the prospects need serious legitimacy for them to make a purchase otherwise they shall be gone in a flash. They have to be assured that this is the right move to make and you are the right business. It is your responsibility to communicate legitimacy to them and trust me a registered and callable phone number serves a very good job here. Without comprehensive contacts, smart buyer are bound to raise their eyebrows. They think you aren’t “visible” enough and therefore you need to come out of the rubble. So having a callable phone number does you a lot of favor. For sure, serious prospects will make you a call. Don’t ignore it.
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