I am at the beginning of starting it all so I really have nothing sorted yet. I just want to know if trademarking my name (company) is important and if it is, I want to know at what point do I have to have this done?

My business idea deals with customized decor and reselling jewelry. It is going to be mainly a women's accessory shop. I have a name in mind I just don't know if I need to make sure it is protected by law or not.
As your business is women's accessories there are very much chances of copy and infringement of you name in future. It is important to trademark your name for secure future business.
Its not important to trademark right now if you have not launched your brand yet. you can trademark after some time of your business launch.


I am not a lawyer but I wouldn't necessarily make it a priority.

If it's an online business and you can get a domain name that matches the business name, that should be enough to establish claim to the name.

If it's a local brick-and-mortar business, you'll need a business license which will provide some protection within your local area.

Basically, unless you're an international corporation doing business in many countries, you usually don't need to be worried about someone in a far off country using the same name - if your customers are all going to be just in North America, or just in your city or state, I would think you only need to protect that area.


I think it depends on what you are doing. I would trade mark anything you yourself make but I don't think it is necessary to trademark an online shop. If you are going to be selling unbranded or even name brand items, you are only working as a middle man in the sense so there is nothing there to copyright.
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