Lol, direct mail has lost the glory it had in the pre-80s but I can tell you, it is still very effective and commands authority. Ever wondered why cheques are still running? And why they still get delivered by mail? I do understand that communication has been diversified in many different forms but even though, hard copies demand attention. When you receive an email in your electronic mailbox account and when an actual [hard copy] mail gets delivered to your home mailbox, which one will you give more attention? It will obviously come down to the hardcopy mail. Now in as much as hardcopy mail is getting unpopular, so does its authority gets higher. We however love electronic communication because it is the de fact of today’s mode of communication.


As someone who dabbled in direct mail back in the 80s and 90s, let me say that it's still relevant but not so popular as it was back then before the advent of the internet. Sending mailshots via snail mail is far costlier than doing your promotions online and if your copy doesn't convert, you could burn your fingers as you won't be able to recover the money you spent on printing, stationery, envelope stuffing and postage. So unless you have deep pockets, stick to the good old (or young) internet.


No, I throw away anything that is not a check or a bill. During the holidays I do accept holiday cards and an occasional birthday card if I think there is some money in it. So no, any other mailers get thrown in the trash immediately. Anthrax was real, lol, I don't want to deal with that because I opened up a letter that I didn't know where it was from.
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