Does anyone know sites to meet investors And talk to them about your business plan. I don't feel as though many arson this forum.
They're not really investors, but you can get quite a bit of feedback by posting your projects on crowdfunding sites. If you manage to draw some attention to your campaign you will likely get quite a few comments from people interested one way or another by what you're doing.


One way is to sign up for LinkedIn and then join a group about investing and you are likely to get useful contacts after you pitch your business idea. There is another site under the auspices of world renowned billionaire investor Richard Branson the owner of Virgin Atlantics where you can pitch your business idea:www. I have personally procrastinated long enough and I am also going to sign up for this site.


I would say that any individual is an investor, but for some businesses, only the large scale investors, those who invest for a living, can be considered investors. I'm going to go under the assumption that you want investors who can contribute a decent sum of money, not the kind of investment an average citizen could provide. Based off of this, my top recommendation would be LinkedIn. You can connect with investors, and, as previously mentioned, join groups that center around investment, providing pathways to connections. Aside from that, check your current connections. There may be a few individuals that may be able to help start you off, or redirect you to someone who can help you.
Best of luck to you with your investments.
LInkedIn is a place where you will find professions. Actually, LinkedIn is a social media site for professionals. you can find like minded people on linkedIn and start a conversation. You can also post your campaign on the crowfunding sites such as kickstarter, gofun etc. You may find someone who is actually interested in your project.

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