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Feb 25, 2018
¿How good are you at networking? If you are reading this, is either because you know the importance of networking or you have heard of it and want to know more about it. Whatever the reason is everyone agree on the importance of networking. However, everyone does have a network, not everyone is good at networking and know how to take it to the next level. I am going to give you some insights and basic ideas about what I call not a subject but an art. “the art of networking” so let’s get started.

Networking is basically the activity based on the interactions between two or more people or business, with the purpose of getting something done, this could be: share information, exchange services or making a deal.

For most people networking is all about getting someone’s number or email, offering a product or make a sale. Do not get confuse, networking is about a reciprocal and meaningful interaction. Let’s presume i have met someone that works in the same industry as i do, in networking that is a potential connection. Even if this person won’t answer my emails or calls, I’d keep an eye on him, follow him on every social network and even compare his product or service to mine. You must always think of connections as worthwhile and meaningful.

Personal networking and business networking:

When networking most people use to get all its connections in the same list, and they do not recognise there is a difference between their personal connections and their business connections. Your personal Network is a group of people or businesses related to your day to day interactions, as an example i will tell you about a guy I’ve met that works in the travel industry. Acknowledging that he was part of my personal network, however, he considered me as a friend more than a client. Every time I needed to travel he used to me the best rates for plane tickets and at a record time. That, is proof of a personal connection without ties to your business network that buys you not just money but also money.

On the other hand a business network is about the ties related to your business, products, or services, not limited exclusively to your industry. This connections may vary from potential investors, manufacturers and even the competition. The bigger your business network is, bigger are the chances for you business to succeed.

These were just a few highlights related to networking, it is important to remember that there are two types of networks, and even more importantly is to know that meaningful networking is the real networking.

Thank you for reading.

Luigi Teixeira
Entrepreneur, Networking Expert, Real Estate investor.

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