Hello Friends,

First of all I would like to say thanks to administrator of this forum who have come up with a great idea to unite all the entrepreneurs and upcoming entrepreneurs.

I am owner of BloggingCage.com where I used to interview all marketing experts, so I asked many questions in those interview.

In this thread I am going to share interview of some of the big marketing, blogging, affiliate marketing experts who have done awesome in their fields and inspiring people all over the globe to achieve their goals.
Hope this would help. :)



It's great when people have not only found success, but have decided to share their tips and inspirations with others trying to make it.


Interesting post, @Kulwant! Thanks for sharing. :)

Wow. Their stories somehow made me want to venture into online marketing. Very inspiring.


There's some great links there and I'm sure that's the kind of input the site wants, and needs. We all have an opinion on the different threads and even if just one comment helps a member that's good enough for me.


I feel very inspired to be a member here because information being exchanged in this platform is really priceless. We have many people out here who are seeking proper knowledge about entrepreneurship because they have been fooled and scammed every time and again and their hope is running low. I have been a victim of scamming as well with fake people masquerading as the gatekeepers to the entrepreneurial heaven which turned out otherwise. A big thanks to all that come here genuinely to change the world from wherever and whenever they can. The universe owes you a lot. I do agree that internet marketing and any other business conducted online can be very lucrative when properly set. I have no doubt about that, but in the same time it can be risky. Internet marketing experts are really reaping big from their hard and ingenious work and people like me would like to join them in the success. Thanks all of you. Let us endorse what is legit all the time. Big up!


Really great post. I'm already going through them to see what gems I can find. These are great motivators and there is always something that will stick to apply further down the road in my business ventures. Thanks again.


This was really a great post man. I appreciate it as I have little knowledge in this field, to be honest. I will be sure to continue studying them all. Thank you very much!! :)


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