Nov 19, 2021
Hello! I am currently enrolled in an Intro to Entrepreneurship class and was wondering if any of you lovely entrepreneurs would be willing to answer a few questions with me for one of my final assignments. If you have the time, please reply to the following questions in the comments of this post:
  1. Why did you become an entrepreneur? What were the circumstances that led you to become an entrepreneur?
  2. What was your original idea and where did it come from?
  3. What problems were you trying to solve?
  4. Who were your first customers and how did you convince them to buy? How did you find more customers to grow the business?
  5. Did your idea catch on quickly or did it grow slowly over time?
  6. Where did you get the money to get started?
  7. What skills were most important in the early days of your journey?
  8. What skills did you need to learn?
  9. What unexpected challenges did you encounter?
  10. What unexpected opportunities did you discover?
I appreciate your help very much and look forward to learning your story!

Thank you,


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Apr 22, 2016
Welcome to bizwarriors Deaimee , and a 👍 for the first post.

A quick and in simple all in one answer is -

Entrepreneur = FREE WILL (The success is about how you use this to benefit the customer by addressing the pain points)

For every question you read the same above answer you will get the reason.

Best wishes for your studies .....
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