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Nov 10, 2016
Influencer Marketing is Going Mainstream With Facebook’s Upcoming Influencer Tool
by David Kaplan,
June 21, 2018
Facebook’s launch Monday of its Branded Collabs Manager search engine — which will help connect marketers to social media influencers — demonstrates just how vital this form of marketing has become to the social media giant. Soon brands will be able to search the platform for the audience they want to reach, and have the tool point them in the direction of creators that fit the bill.

The Branded Collabs Manager platform can transparently break down a creator’s audience demographics and industry-specific parameters, ranging from geographical areas to interests to home ownership status.

The plans confirm that the industry is continuing its march towards increasingly targeted and individualized advertising—with ad revenues migrating from mass media to digitally programmatic to influencer marketing. It also signals an increased value placed on ads that are not only highly targeted, but also embedded in content that audiences actually want to engage with.

While the tool is only launching on Facebook at the moment, it’s a first step towards incorporating such tools and metrics from other platforms, most notably Facebook-owned Instagram, which is the social media network of choice for most creators.



May 18, 2018
This is interesting, since Instagram and YouTube are really the kings of influencer marketing, as far as specific channels go (outside of different podcasts, blogs etc). It looks like Facebook's purchase of Instagram is really influencing the company, and helping them "catch up."


Jun 21, 2018
In the last 30 days there was a news story on influencers, but I can not find the story. It was more geared tot he hotel indestry. But it was talking about how many people request to be an influencer.

They talked about...
They could barely write a decent letter.
To few followers that would be there target audience.
They only wanted to post a few pics, but when you look at they other work they could be taken anywhere.
A lot of them did not have any people skills over the phone.

I MO YouTube is the way to go for influencers for physical goods in the niche market I deal in.


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