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Independent contractor for another company

Discussion in 'Starting Your Business' started by ShaggyFox, Mar 19, 2017.

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  1. ShaggyFox

    ShaggyFox Member

    I'm applying for a job as an independent contractor courier for a company by me. Full-time ICs make "$95-$105 in commission a day, plus a fuel surcharge (10.0% of contractor revenue this week) to offset the cost of gasoline in excess of $1.20 per gallon which increases or decreases with the rise and decline in the cost of regular gasoline." -from their website.

    So i have no clue about being an independent contractor, but i love driving my car and i already have 2 delivery jobs I'm looking to replace for 1 better paying full time job.

    So 1st: What does the whole fuel surcharge thing mean?

    2nd: Would it be worth it?

    3rd: How do you go about figuring out taxes, and do I need to establish a business name?

    4th: What else should I know? Because like i said, I have no clue and really don't want to end up owing on taxes or overpaying so i can't pay bills...


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