Hey man, I got most of my business graphics done on fiverr. They have great designers but the only downside is that it takes 2-3 days to receive your work and another day for revisions. Other than that I would suggest you use fiverr.


Just like what finearts has already said, you can check out Fiverr, Freelancer, or Guru. These sites would let you post an ad regarding your need of a graphic artist, then freelancers would bid for your job offer.
In making my logo, I first used Paint. I just downloaded a free picture of what I need from a Google Search, and edited it using Paint. One that you can also try is searching for free logo makers at Google.
There's a lot of free software you can give a try. Free trials of photosop, GIMP, or just some online tools can help you. Or just get some free clip art and do a bit of things to it like add text, pixelate, take things out, etc to make it unique.

But if you want something done, Fiverr is pretty cheap and good (as suggested). Although I would think since it's for a company, you'd have to give them a good idea of what you want, maybe a little sketch or something you did in Paint or something to give them an idea since it's up to them.


Hey there,
I've got a designer buddy from Jakarta that could help you design.
Just pm me for more infos and I'll link you both up.


I recommend Fiverr, or trying one of our members/one of their connections, as we have a very talented user base. :)


I honestly don't recommend Fiverr. I mean, come on, if I am trying to build a company, I want my image to be represented by solid work. Most designers I know won't design a logo for anything less than $150, and that's if you only want some decent stuff. Quality matters because that logo will be your main image of the company for the following years. Would you like to know to be represented by something that was actually $4? Because that's how much they get.
Check out Reddit's r/slavelabour. There are dozens of graphic designers who are practically begging for work, and they'll do it for cheap.


Reddit's r/slavelabour is indeed a good source of excellent designers, though I guess fiverr and the others are similarly awash with hungry workers. I quite like Griffin;s idea of seeing if there are any designers amongst our varied community here.


You can have your logo designed at Squadhelp. They charge a fee whereby people design for you logos and then you select the one that suits you. You can also have it designed through other freelancing sites like fiverr at a cheaper price.


I just started exploring Fiverr and Etsy for low cost options for logos. Take a look at the ratings on Fiverr for logo designers. Get an idea in mind of what you want the logo to reflect in the look and feel of your business and take a chance.

For instance, what kind of font do you want, big, small, plain or fancy, do you want a picture, how many colors? Gather all of these ideas and design a great logo. Good luck!



Designer here, I do graphics, web sites, tshirts, greetings cards, pretty much anything you could need.
I am also a web developer, so if you need a site set up I can help with that too.

Drop me a message if your still looking, letting me know a little about the business and the market your aiming for.


Take your company's initials and put them on Skype or Fb's blue color in non-capitalized form. You can use any of the various online logo creators to try a few combos. None of the companies that made it ever focused on this kind of thing - google has a 'g', facebook has an 'f', and so on.
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