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I'm scared to fail!

Discussion in 'General Business and Entrepreneurship' started by KnowMore, Mar 17, 2015.

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  1. KnowMore

    KnowMore Member

    So I recently started an online project that is showing early signs but I still work 9-5 in an "office" job, i'm to scared to fail on my own project and like the security of my pay cheque! How do I get past that and when is it asafe for me to move full time on my own?
  2. webpreneur

    webpreneur Member

    A good rule of thumb is to not quit your job until you're consistently earning at least three times your current income. I recommend doing so for at least six months to a year, just to be sure.
  3. Azen

    Azen Member

    Thinking about failing is different than actually failing. You have to get out of that mindset. And as hard as it is to say it, I think we have all been there. I thought I would share one of my favorite quotes, it really rings true here.

    Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something. Morihei Ueshiba
  4. Mike the Mute

    Mike the Mute Member

    I just joined this forum and I would like to bring it up that you are not alone. I am in the phase of "doing something" but never getting started...Sucks to be me at the moment, but I'll get there.

    And for you, don't be scared!
  5. Enronitis

    Enronitis Member

    Failure is needed for success as someone mentioned.
    Don't be afraid of it, just take it as it comes and learn from it.
    Don't even consider moving to it full-time until you're earning at a bare-minimum what you are from your current occupation, ideally you'd want to be earning 2x+ that though.
    Put what energy you can spare in it and nothing more, an hour a day is more than you think and in terms of a business can push it a long very nicely over the course of a year.
  6. Mr.Trep

    Mr.Trep Member

    More importantly, what are you afraid of specifically?

    You aren't afraid to fail, but perhaps are afraid to return back to your job because things didn't work out.

    Ask yourself and visualize what would happen if you quit your job to pursue your project and failed.... What is the worst case scenario? You may find that the worst case isn't all that bad and the potential upside is well worth the risk.

    Now, obviously you shouldn't quit your job until you are able to support yourself with your project.

    If you need any specific advice, I would love to chat. Send me a PM and I'll walk you through a few ideas.
  7. Sunny77

    Sunny77 Member

    I have the same problem, but unlike you, I am actually afraid to even get off the ground with my ideas. At least you have made the first few steps and are seeing some success. I would say you are doing just what you should. Just keep at it, but like others suggested, don't quit your day job! This is something that you could look at as a goal, but you want to make sure your online project is a long term success.
  8. CoolSpot

    CoolSpot Member

    I can honestly say I have never had this issue, I have had being affraid of succeeding more than I can handel but never of failing.

    I agree with everyone else, you dont want to quit your job until you you are sure things are running well, if as your project grows, you can look to reduce your hours at work, go from full time to part time, that way you still have some steady income but as your buisness at this point will have picked up it will require more time to run it and make it grow.

    If you let the fear of failer stop you from achiving what you want in 5 years time you will look around and say "damb I sould have pushed forward with 'xyz' that shit blew up"

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