I was making this for my personal site and thought to share it here. Its a great guide to help anyone who needs to use computers with their business.

7 Deadly Digital Sins

1.Thou shall not use internet explorer.

Internet Explorer is what comes with 91% of all computers. So people who develop malware know that almost all users who they are targeting are using it. It’s a natural filter for them. If you make malware do you want a user who is technically inclined to download it figure out a way to get rid of it and send lots of reports back to the major antivirus and malware vendors? Or do you want Gladys. The 65 year old woman who will just leave it alone and allow you to steal resources and bandwidth for your botnet or other devious things.

2.Thou shall not disclose personal information

Anything you put on the internet is there forever. If you need to use a service that asks for your birthday name favorite color and the name of your childhood dog? Who says you really need to give them these things. Just make sure the answers you put in are memorable to you. So rather than your birthday use the day before your birthday. Mother’s maiden name? Use your cousins maiden name. The point is don’t put things on places like surveys and social media pages that someone else can use to harm you.

3.Thou shall use free virus protection

There is plenty of great virus protection out there for absolutely free. In fact most of the best virus protection is free. I will take a free version of Avira any day over the most expensive version of Norton. In fact the difference between Norton/McAffee and viruses is that Viruses can potentially spread to others. They both slow down your computer to a crawl they both can cost you money and both are an absolute pain in the neck to rip out of your computer. If someone recommends using one of these for your computer they either don’t know what they are talking about or are getting paid to screw you over.

4.Thou shall not click on adds

So many problems people get from their computers can come from clicking on adds or popups. The sites these things lead you to are often fraught with viruses and spyware. Use a good adblocker and keep it on unless you wish to support the site you’re going to.Adblock Plus - Surf the web without annoying ads!

5.Thou shall never automatically install anything EVER.

This goes hand in hand with sin 4. If you download a piece of software for free and it comes with 7 other pieces of software don’t install anything you did not originally want. It will always have a custom install and an automatic install. Always use the custom install and see what other malware or spyware are trying to install itself into your machine. The other software will always say it will speed up your computer or make your internet experience better. It won’t. It will install adware spyware malware or viruses.

6.Thou shall read reviews

So much money and time can be saved from doing your research before spending your money or using things. A simple Google search can find out if a piece of software or product would be a valuable asset or a terrible liability. Very few things are brand new or never been used chances are others have already learned valuable lessons about the products your considering using. Learn from others mistakes to save yourself time and effort.

7.Thou shall keep oneself informed

The tech field is a constantly changing and malleable creature. Six months can be enough to throw you off balance two years is enough to leave you in the dust. We live in a digital age people have to learn to accept that. Anymore learning how to efficiently use and navigate new technologies is a life skill. Everything is getting digitized and the ones who can master and use those technologies will be the ones who succeed.

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