I want to learn english, especially speech

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Apr 19, 2018
HI guys, I want improve my english. What I must to do?
One thing you can do is take English classes from a qualified teacher.

Or, if you're more of a "self learner" you can find a course (and books) on proper English, and practice, practice, practice.

Whichever way you decide to learn, one thing I highly recommend is finding English speaking people to talk to.

When I wanted to learn Spanish many years ago (because I was working with many new friends from Puerto Rico, and they didn't speak English very well) the most productive lessons came from actually talking with my co-workers.

Unfortunately, I haven't had much opportunity to converse in Spanish over the last 20 years. So now mi espanol es no muy bueno (my Spanish is not very good anymore)

So finding English speaking people to talk with will be one of your best ways to become fluent in the language

And if you are sincere in your desire to improve, some people may even voluntarily help you along the way.

I think you're sincere, so I'll start with your first helpful tip right now...

In English, connecting words (also known as conjunctions) and syntax are important for the flow and understanding of sentences.
Here's your original question...

HI guys, I want improve my English. What I must to do?

In the first part, a connecting word for flow would be the word "to"
HI guys, I want to improve my English.

And syntax refers to the order of words. In this case "What I must to do?" should not have the connecting word, and the order of words should be...
"What must I do?"

So for our first tip, let's turn your original question into a more proper one, by changing it to...

HI guys, I want to improve my English. What must I do?

I'm not an English teacher, but I do try to help people when I can. So I hope my answer helps you a little.

All the best,
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Nov 13, 2018
When I was learning I found that read a book aloud really helps. Of course, you need to take courses and have a mentor preferably, but reading a book is both interesting and flexes your tongue muscles to adapt to new sounds :)
Sep 11, 2017
Improving your English communication skills will need the help of an English teacher by means of attending a formal communications class be it a physical class or a virtual one-on-one class. If you don't have a lot of time on your hands to go to an actual class in the day time, there are a lot of online English tutors that can help you improve your English skills. You can find that many of them work at a time when you are already in the comfort of your home (night time) where most people are through with their day time job.