Marco Sander

Sep 28, 2021
Hello community.

I´m a Psychologist helping Entrepreneurs to manage themselves.

During the last 2 years I grew my YouTube-channel up to 50k Subs (

And next to it I coached 200 Entrepreneurs on build habits, let go of stress and become clear about their lives and businesses.

Would love to meet some fellow entrepreneurs and also work on some collaborations together.
Are there any fellow Coaches around here?

Fast facts about me:
  • I just moved to Cologne, Germany.
  • I meditate daily for 30min.
  • I work out 4x a week and just get into tennis
  • read more than 200 books
  • Psychedelics helped me to become more conscious
If you want to hop on a call and exchange some ideas, then you can schedule a call here:
Consultation with Marco - Marco Sander

My website: 1-on-1 Coaching

Glad to join this forum!
Take care,
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