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I dont know how to build a business with my passion

Discussion in 'Starting Your Business' started by Emmanuel Obioma, Aug 9, 2017.

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  1. Emmanuel Obioma

    Emmanuel Obioma Member

    I have always wanted to start an online business, but up till now, i have not been able to find a passion i have and build a product that will solve problems for people who love the same thing.

    I just found out that my true passion is motivating and advising young people like myself to pursue their dreams, do what they love and reach their goals. But i am still overthinking it because i don't know how to monetize it.

    I have an Instagram page for motivation with quotes and pics i made myself. I love designing motivational pics and sharing it with people.

    I started a motivational accessories shop, selling motivational posters, iPhone cases, bracelets, but, i recently closed it because of no sales.

    i can reopen it but i want to first carry out a survey to find out what people really want, not what i just like.

    I have some other have ideas like: an online glasses store, an apparel brand that fits my style. But, i don't really feel excited about them like i do about motivating and advising people.

    I am still young, so should i test and try all my other ideas even though i am not entirely passionate about them or just concentrate on motivation. And if i want to concentrate on motivation, how do i build a business around it.

    I am an introvert, so i don't think motivational speaking will work in my favor.
  2. djbaxter

    djbaxter Administrator Moderator Member

    Forget the survey. If you aren't getting visitors to your site(s), the chances of getting visitors to a survey are probably slim.

    Start by reopening your online motivational accessories shop. Then have a closer look at why you are not attracting sales.

    You have an Instagram page. Fair enough. Maybe that's not where your potential customers are.

    Have you tried Facebook? Twitter? Other social media sites?

    What about the site itself? Are there problems with the site that are impeding exposure?

    What are you doing about basic on-page and off-page SEO?
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  3. Emmanuel Obioma

    Emmanuel Obioma Member

    I haven't really done much work on other social media sites and the seo, because i was just testing the first time response and not waste time creating something people would not want.
    That's why i decided not to run any ads yet.
    I want to create the survey to know what people really want and how i can provide that.
  4. djbaxter

    djbaxter Administrator Moderator Member

    Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, to use an old cliche.

    You have already made a start. Find out what works and what doesn't with the work you've done so far. Then tweak it.

    If your site is live, you can submit it for review here at Website Reviews.
  5. Emmanuel Obioma

    Emmanuel Obioma Member

    Will do, thanks a lot
  6. Edvin

    Edvin MVP Member Top Contributor


    I agree with others...
    The success is contingent on you; so, everyday ask yourself what can I try today and how can I execute on yesterday's idea. Post on forums like these and other (specific to marketing) to find new possibilities.
    It is slow and incremental process; but, you'll get there if you keep looking to find a way.
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  7. Kieran Hayden

    Kieran Hayden Member

    Just keep pushing and pursuing your passion, try and find a group of mentors and advisors or even just friends that can give you some basic life advice. If you are passionate and work hard enough you will eventually find success
  8. RJWilde

    RJWilde Member

    A big part of building a business off of what you believe in is what others have said—organization, finding mentors, taking what was working, and getting rid of the things that don't.

    The biggest part is consistency and effort. In my opinion, those are way more important than skill. If you put in the work, and believe in that work, over and over, someone is bound to notice and you'll succeed! It can be hard to believe in yourself 24/7, and becoming your biggest cheerleader can be tough--I just listened to a whole podcast about it. Host and guest had a great chat about believing in yourself and INVESTING in yourself, which isn't always easy! I would definitely recommend a listen if you need a boost.

    Other than that, keep moving forward. Don't give up!

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