I am really just reaching out here, I know I need education to start a business. I have struggled so many years trying to get a business off the ground. I really believe in business and am doing the best I can to keep busy. I am currently at a State Hospital and I am trying to get something going with the hour of computer time i get each day. Perhaps you could help me plan something out?

Julia Sta Romana

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The best place to start would be to make a list of business ideas you think you might be interested.

Just list everything down at first. Don't think about the details for now. Just write down ideas.

Once you have a list, start ranking them using the following criteria:
1. your interest
2. your skills and knowledge
3. available resources (money, technology etc)
4. can you do it on your own or with a partner
5. competition
6. the current market

Once you have ranked your ideas, it should give you a better idea of where to start studying.


Here's what I think:

Starting a business these days would certainly take much time and effort. But if you are planning to have a franchise business instead, that would certainly be easier to manage and to start off. Aside from getting support from the brand, you would also be trained and informed on how the franchise business works. One example is an education franchise which is very valuable all the time. It greatly helps the kids and the community as a whole.
Hi TextMarketing, noticed your handle, and are you offering TEXT'n services?

Personally, I think it's a GREAT service to offer local and service-based companies

Julia Sta Romana gave some excellent starting points - along with Julia's reply

1. "What are you passionate about?"
2. "What do you enjoy learning/doing?"
3. "Where do you spend most of your time?"
4. "If money wasn't an issue, what would you be doing right now?"

Cheers, Z'da
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