This might seem like a very general question but one I'm always wondering about. Where do most people who decide to start a business get the knowledge on how to do it. Specifically all the logistical stuff like knowing if you need to register certain things or what licences or permits to obtain, who to contact for equipment and designing interiors if you have a brick and mortar business. All these things dont seem like theyre just common knowledge and yet people start businesses for the first time constantly.

So for anyone who has their own business or ever had one, can you please explain in your personal situation where and how you learned all the things initially. I always assumed school doesnt exactly teach you any of these step by step processes to do that, so im curious what everyone did or where they got their knowledge on how to do it from. If possible mention what type of business it was and maybe a small explanation of the steps you took personally to find out exactly what you need to do step by step to get it running or learning all the aspects of starting it from the ground up.

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It's certainly not easy. Personally I attended a course that was designed to help young people with how to build a business (it was a local opportunity back when I was in school). It didn't really teach us the logistical and legal stuff though, it was mostly about marketing, how to make a business plan, things like that. But I got to know lots of people there and that was when I realized that a lot depends on your connections. For a lot of things you might need outside help such as consulting a lawyer or hiring an accountant, but if you know a few people who can give you advice if you get stuck or have doubts, that's a great help.

As for permits, licenses, etc, a lot of that is googling stuff and calling government and tax office information lines, to be honest :D


In my opinion, the most important thing is have a good business plan, knowledge about your space and personal fortitude. The legal stuff is not that difficult. You can find almost all the information online or hire someone to do it fairly cheap and easily. This includes new business entity formations and accounting/taxes. I have never started a business but do have advanced degrees in law and public administration.

One resource I can tell you about is the small business administration. I never been involved with them but I know almost every city or county in America has an organization like that to support small business growth. This is because small business are still the backbone of the economy and its national policy to encourage their growth. They offer courses and other kinds of help. See Small Business Administration

Bizwarriors is also an amazing resource with well-organized and logical information about every major step. Lastly, if you are a academic type like me, there are many great books, online courses on youtube and educational platforms and other free educational material online that will walk you through the steps. Getting a degree in business management really is not necessary in my opinion. Many of these online podcast offer great information from other entrepreneurs and some offer actual face to face mentorships. Of course, a lot of them are not so good or scams, so do your homework first.

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P.S. Don't be afraid to search for assistance - it's the main advice.
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