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Nov 29, 2022
According to the recent report (see [1]), businesses, organizations, and governments spent over 10 billion USD on cyber security training, each year since 2019. Despite such significant efforts and costs over 30% of employees still use weak passwords or reuse old passwords (see [2, 5]). Among the reasons cited, people name complexity and inconvenience of suggested to them methods.

Even so these people forms a minority, this fact does not help to eliminate cyber security vulnerabilities, because even a single employee with a weak, reused or compromised password is enough to break the cyber security of her/his employer.

An ideal solution for such persons is a tool, which can generate multiple passwords with a single click and also to change all passwords very easy (with a single click).

A free tool (public DPG) allows to generate 20 strong passwords with a single click and also to change all passwords with a single click. Additional advantages of dynamical passwords generators (DPGs) are:

-no logins;

-no installations, synchronizations, updating, upgrading, etc.;

-no master passwords;

-not saved in any place;

-with a click generate many strong passwords for many online accounts (20 for public DPGs, 100 for private DPGs);

-ability to create unhackable passwords (see [3]);

-ability to create multi factor authentication (MFA see [4]);

-for a single key generate a unique sequence of different strong passwords, which can be changed even on daily basis;

-accessible from any device connected to internet via a web browser.

“There are two kinds of companies in the world: those that have been breached by criminals, and those that have been breached and don’t know it yet.”



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Nov 29, 2022
There are serious problems with strong passwords and the traditional ways to manage them.

Problem 1. Passwords fatigue (see

Annoyed by Passwords? Research Shows It's Not Just You)

Problem 2. Strong passwords, usually, are managed with passwords managers, which require a single master password to access all other passwords. This create a serious vulnerability and security risk, because it concentrates the risks (put all eggs into one basket) and violates the main axiom of risk management ( do not put all eggs into a single basket).

Problem 3. Saving passwords in encrypted files, which are stored on some computer 24 hours per day 7 days per week is not secure, because these files can be hacked, damaged, stolen, broken, confiscated, etc. (see Struggling LastPass Suffers New Data Breach. Is Your Account at Risk? ). Distributed storage does not reduce this risk because on modern computers it is easy to loop over multiple computers (IP addresses) and hack files on different computers. It only slightly increase time to accomplish the task.

Problem 4. Storing passwords in encrypted files is a security risk, because modern quantum computers can break this encryption. See Quantum computing could break the internet. This is how

Dynamical passwords generators (DPGs) do not have these problems.
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