Hi all,

Does anyone have a good idea how to promote business in Australia?

I'm home-based service-oriented small business, wanting to get more marketing at no little cost.

Maybe sounds greedy, but I believe many people want to learn if there are some good ideas.



Welcome to BizWarriors, Keith Brown :)
  • set up accounts on major social media sites (differs depending on your market demographic) with links back to your website - then ask friends and acquaintances to like and share the social media pages
  • set up a Google My Business aka GMB page (must be a Service Area Business aka SAB or you will be suspended) and keep it maintained with photos, posts, etc.
  • ask your customers to post a review of your product or service and send them a link to your GMB page to do this
  • you can advertise to your targeted demographic on Facebook fairly cheaply although this probably works better for physical businesses than for SABs)
  • if you have the budget, AdWords can help
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