Emails have been a great communication channel to communicate with a B2B customer, if and only when tapped in the right way. What’s the point in sending bulk emails to the customer only to realize that none of them are landing in their inbox? It can be a headache for marketers when their emails do not reach the targeted customer, leading to the failure of the entire campaign. In this scenario, one has to find innovative ways to improvise the deliverability rate of email. A different approach can redirect the email marketing campaign on the right path with easy access to the inbox of the recipient. Find out some of the tested ways to land the email in your recipient’s inbox.

Having a clear opt-in process: The opt-in process should be clear. It can be very frustrating to get emails that you do not want. You can take a scenario where one of the recipients accidentally subscribes for your service, resulting in landing up of a large number of emails into his inbox. These would surely get unanswered, which is not good for your email performance metric as ISP’s can filter this IP’s emails as the spam email.

Avoiding email spam filters: The process of emails being sorted out into the spam folder or the inbox is not a dramatic one. All the ISPs have similar criteria on the email content triggering their spam filters. For most of the transactional and marketing emails, it can include large attachments, typos, etc., thus triggering in sending the emails into the inactive addresses. So, mails should be sent only to those people whom you want to see.

Cleaning up the list to improve deliverability: Cleaning up the email contact lists can be a good way for making sure that the emails are being sent to the active users. If you send emails to the already filthy list, then there are high chances that you will be getting less open, engagement and click rates. Know more…


Also make sure that your server (and/or email service if you use a third party) has correctly set up their records for SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

And your server or email server should also have a correctly configured reverse DNS pointer.

And check for bouncebacks and remove those from your email list. Repeated emails to dead email addresses can get you blacklisted.
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