How to Network When You Work From Home
By Sarah Landrum, TheWorkAtHomeWoman
October 4, 2017

While working from home, you may think you don’t have an opportunity to network with others in your daily life. However, remote workers can network like traditional workers — and from the comfort of home and in their pajamas, too. Balancing technology and in-person interaction is vital to networking when you work from home.
  • Join Trade-Related LinkedIn Groups
  • Stay Connected With Your Alma Mater
  • Co-Work With Others in Your Industry
  • Go to a Co-Working Site (e.g.,
  • Be Social With Professionals in Your Network
  • Network at Conferences and Events
  • Join Community Organizations
  • Volunteer Your Time and Give Back


Sarah Landrum is a freelance writer and career blogger sharing advice on finding happiness and success in life and at work. You can find her dishing out advice with a side of wit on Twitter and her career advice blog, Punched Clocks.
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