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How to make something go viral (Supporting Good Cause)

Discussion in 'Sales' started by John Dailey, Jan 24, 2016.

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  1. I'm currently seeking a way to make some twitter posts go viral. The reason behind this, I own an Environmental Business and I currently in Rowlett,Tx a city widely effected by a EFP-4 Tornado. The damage is significant and thousands of people are hurting due to it. I have multiple reasons why i think this is happening the way it is (Politics) But thats not important. Whats important is spreading a good cause to get these people funds they need by Federal and State government officials that are supposed to be providing. They have a temporarily landfill where HAZARDOUS MATERIAL is going right behind an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Here is my Twitter-@Answers4Dallas1

    Open to all suggestions!
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  2. setupdisc

    setupdisc Member

    There is a place called the Care2 network that might interest you. It's a free place where you can post things of community interest that are seen by millions of people. It's a network for activists to unite and share their causes, to be seen, and to discuss them. Between that and youtube videos linked to what you share on there, you can get major attention to your cause and the Federal and State needs that are not being addressed with the guidelines. I would pull out all the stops on this:

    1) Twitter
    2) Youtube videos
    3) Care2 Network -- share your twitter feeds and videos here with your post
    4) Facebook -- share your twitter feeds, videos, and care2 network link here, and create a page for it!
    5) Go back to Twitter and Youtube, and add links to your tweets on Youtube video description, facebook, care2, etc.
    6) Post links to each of the other 3 places on twitter (backlink after frontlinking)

    There are more great places to post this, too (LinkedIn, Google+, and other social media spots) are all helpful. You'll get the most viewability if you tie all of these together, and make them reciprocal to eachother for the best results with having others find you for this cause.
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  3. bria1

    bria1 Member

    You should invest in a Facebook campaign. With these campaigns you will be paying everyday for them tomarket your campaign. It is an expensive service but it works from what I have heard. With this service people are able to choose their demographics and target audience, which is great (and seems like it can conserve a bunch of time). The service is often called Facebook ads, you probably have seen them on the side of your Facebook page, which is not hard to see because they are always there. These custom ads can reach far and target people based on age, demographics, and location, which is specifically whatever your choices are in those categories. You can campaign on whatever the cause is, because they are not just solely for business purposes.
  4. Thanks!
  5. sar777 Member

    You can't "make" anything go viral. The individuals who work to make a video go viral instead of concentrating on their message or their target audience usually fail. I say usually because nothing in this world is absolute.

    But in making your video, consider who you are trying to reach. Just because something goes viral, especially if it's for a non-profit type cause, you really want to focus on who you want to see the video initially and what your message is. If you do it well and make it heartfelt and real, the viral, if it's good, will come naturally.
  6. bria1

    bria1 Member

    Actually you can make things go viral if you pay a fee and if you have a huge social media presence. Most of the time people are paying for videos to go viral. There is always a way...if you have the money and the time. Some of these websites that promise "you will go viral" takes time and lots of money for this service...because essentially they are doing what we have already tried to do they just may have the inside track.

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