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How to introduce yourself for business opportunity?

Discussion in 'Sales' started by Shahan, Sep 15, 2016.

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  1. Shahan

    Shahan Member


    I am trying to establish an outsourced accounting business. I am based in Pakistan and instead of looking for individual customers I am looking to contact already established bookkeeping firms in Australia to outsource their work to me to reduce cost savings without compromising on Quality.

    My Idea of reaching out
    I have already made a list of leads but I cannot get around how to reach out to them. What I have thought is to shoot an email and followup over phone after two days.

    Where do I need help?

    Unable to figure out on the content of the email the structure and everything. How to get their attention? Is it at all a good idea to send out cold emails? I know it is always better to reach through a mutual contact but since I don't have any I have no option but to just reach out blatantly through email or call.

    I am open to suggestions and if you think there is a flaw in my model feel free to let me know.

  2. VirtualGlobalPhone

    VirtualGlobalPhone Moderator MVP Member

    @Shahan , Welcome to entrepreneurfix.
    If you are fresh entrepreneur and want yourself to stand up then their are 'n' number of ways. Few includes offer unique services which your competitor or local market cant give, Aggressively offer at lowest rate with some sort of campaign.

    Mainly you need to go after the market at right time. You can choose any medium and any type of professional content if on wrong time it will go directly to dustbin.

    I am sure more here will share their thoughts. Don't forget to put your service and company under "resource" tab.

    Best wishes.
  3. Barbara Arthur

    Barbara Arthur Member

    To be honest, I was never in the same position. Although Ive been in sales for a long time, I've always done telemarketing - and we don't really prospecting like what you are describing. :( Goodluck and hope you will share your best practices here later on. I'd be glad to learn from you.
  4. Barbara Arthur

    Barbara Arthur Member

    I just remembered that in cases like this, I rely on LinkedIn a lot. A well written introduction letter will go a long way - but you also need to be a member of related groups before you can start reaching out to professionals in linkedin.
  5. anniebennet

    anniebennet Member

    Thank you for your recommendation, I was so shy that I couldn't present in front of crowd. I tried several piece of advice then now I can be able to express myself more confidently. I hope you can inspire someone.
  6. TA Accounting

    TA Accounting Member


    I completely understand the boat you are in - I am an Outsource CFO with my own firm.

    The biggest problem I have is proximity. Most firms are deathly afraid of having their client poached if it's coming from a cheaper alternative. Mind you, I find this aspect silly and unfounded. As an Outsource CFO, I've found it's best to really bypass the accounting firms in the beginning.

    I expanded into the surround three states (no physical office, all cloud base). The firms there wouldn't even give me a two minute phone call, much less a 30 minute lunch meeting. Mind you, this is in spite of me being nominated twice as the best "turn around accountant in the Midwest". So what I did was I bypassed them and went straight to the banks, lenders, mergers & acquisitions guys.

    I reasserted my reputation with them by offering my services and expertise at a reduced price (I usually charge $1,000 for every $1 mil in revenue). In this case, I did it for half of that. After I completed two or three projects, the other firms felt comfortable enough to start working with me.

    Just a thought. We should talk more and see if we can coordinate our effort.

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