I'm currently seeking a way to make some twitter posts go viral. The reason behind this, I own an Environmental Business and I currently in Rowlett,Tx a city widely effected by a EFP-4 Tornado. The damage is significant and thousands of people are hurting due to it. I have multiple reasons why i think this is happening the way it is (Politics) But thats not important. Whats important is spreading a good cause to get these people funds they need by Federal and State government officials that are supposed to be providing. They have a temporarily landfill where HAZARDOUS MATERIAL is going right behind an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Here is my Twitter-@Answers4Dallas1

Open to all suggestions!
First off, ask your friends to share your post. Especially those ones who have many followers. If you don't have people like these in your social and online circle... then try to do a collaboration with those who are already popular to some extent. Make sure your idea will be interesting to them and beneficial to both of you.


All I can tell you is share...share..tag...and get those people to share. Unfortunately you would have to rely on others if you are not going to pay for a service to help do it for you. Getting your friends and followers involved is a must. Make sure to take advantage of all the social media sites that you can. Having a heavy social media presence is very important as well as all of them being uniform.... for example make sure your Twitter profile picture is the same as your Facebook page...and whatever information you are trying to make viral is present on all sites and recognizable to your viewers.


Other than asking people to retweet it, you can't make a twitter post go viral unless it's really worth it. Of course, you could buy tweets and retweeets from places like addmenow, but they won't reach too many people of your target viewers.

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go to freelancer.com And hire a Social Medica expert.. Some of them live places like India etc.. They charge 2-10$ an hour for what a agency would charge 50-100$ an hour
How many followers do you have in Twitter. Identify the Twitter account that has the most number of followers. Send direct message and ask to retweet your tweet. Suppose you have 1000 followers and the follower you contacted has 2000 followers,than your tweet can reach to 2999 people.


Share the post on various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and even on blogs and forums. You can also make a YouTube video regarding the said issue.

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