Hi, I recently joined a business that is mainly suited for in person presentations. The objective is to find people, who are interested in travel, and have them watch a presentation. Than they can decided if they are just in it for the travel, for the business portion, or for both. So far we have had some great success by word of mouth but are looking for opportunities to spread the word via online. Everyone who joins is given a website, which can not be edited, to help with the presentations, but it is more effective to watch it with the person, in person or via facetalk/skype, than to have them see it by themselves.

My main question is how should I go about spreading the word of the company, via online, without it looking like spam. The main way of success so far has been with team work and keeping contact with each person. So, I am not looking to buy advertising, because than it loses the teamwork aspect.

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Building a website and online presence for your company can bring some attention to it.

Get some organic traffic through search engine optimization, or social media. But if you want actionable results in the short-term, you're probably going to have to purchase traffic.

Perhaps explain more about what your company does can help? Sounds like an affiliate/MLM business model.


There are a lot of ways to promote your business/company online. You can just build your own website so people would find your company really professional and legit. You can also utilize social media sites and do online marketing on various platforms. Just make the best out of the internet. Good luck. :)


Are you looking for affiliates or customers? Either way it sounds like you need to get these people on an e-mail list.

If you want them to watch a video I would suggest having a webinar.

I would suggest using paid advertising like facebook ads.

Your target would be to get them to sign up for a webinar.

You can also find potential people who want to promote your idea by using Linkedin ads.

You really want to get them on a list!

Capital SEO

If you already have a website, you NEED to look at SEO. Majority of successful websites that have been developed with Search Engine Optimization in mind can reduce marketing costs and attract more visitors, leads, calls and Sales.

Just make sure your website is properly optimized, write useful and insight full content/articles/blogs (shared via social media) that solve people's problems and build your authority over time as a thought leader in your field (try not to sell to much, as the intent is to educate, entertain or solve the problems of your target audience).

Once your authority is build for your niche, you or your business will be top-of-mind for someone who is trying to make a buying decision and will gravitate them to your product or service.

This process takes time, but produces long-term results.
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Another way to promote your business through the internet is by means of word of mouth through the referral system coming from your family, relatives and friends through social media sites. This is also a nice idea how your products or services can have a good marketing feedback.
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