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Nov 10, 2016
Learn to Build a Lean, Thriving Business With This $29 Course
June 3, 2019

You might not be a marketer. You might not be an accountant. You might actually be the worst designer to ever attempt a logo. But if you're launching a lean online company, you need to be prepared to play every role — and more.

If that's totally intimidating, an online training, like the Master of Online Business Bundle, is a great place to start. Taught by Jerry Banfield, an online entrepreneur and popular marketing instructor, this bundle features 171 hours of training that you can access 24/7. With his personal specialty being marketing, it's no surprise that the training is a top-notch guide to mastering the marketing tools that will bring in your first customers. It covers Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Twitter, YouTube, and more. From there, you'll study additional techniques like content marketing, affiliate marketing, and SEO, which can drive even more leads and customers over time.

If your online business is based around your own skill set as a freelancer, you're in luck. The bundle also covers best practices for setting up shop as an independent contractor. Best of all, you'll take home insights from the instructor's personal experience just like you would in business school.

They say there's no better classroom than the real world, but it helps to have a solid toolkit to get started. If you've got that *once-in-a-lifetime idea*, this is the perfect online training to get you the rest of the way to launch. Normally $48, this bundle is currently discounted to just $29 — so don't miss 39% off for a limited time only.

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