Have you asked for a raise recently?

  • Yes, I ask for raises all the time.

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  • Yes, but I asked with my fists.

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  • No, I'm making too much money already.

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Most of us have wonderfully generous employers who hand out raises like uneaten Easter candy on Halloween. Those of you who don’t fall into that completely made up category usually need to negotiate any pay increases or you will be stuck in payroll limbo until you die and burn in payroll hell (slight exaggeration).

So how should you approach your boss? What should you say? When and where should ye plan to meet and discuss this sticky subject? What if they say nope? Well, you could just wing it and hope for the best, or you could: http://takecareerofyourself.com/2015/09/09/how-to-ask-your-jerk-boss-for-a-raise/
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