How to add a shopping cart in your Instagram profile


Nov 10, 2016
Instagram only allows one link in your profile and they don't let you add links in your posts. So if someone sees a product you've posted on Instagram, normally they can't buy it. They would have to visit your website and try to find that specific product among all the products you sell in order to make a purchase.

Here's how to get around that restriction and let Instagram browsers purchase directly from your Instagram account.

5 of the Best Instagram Tools for E-Commerce
by Shane Barker, Search Engine Journal
July 16 , 2017

Instagram doesn’t allow users to add links in their posts either. Which means that other users can only window-shop your Instagram. If users find a product they like on your Instagram, they can’t buy it directly or even click a link to go to the product page. They have to visit your website and search through your entire product catalog. If they’re actually able to find the item they liked, only then can they make a purchase. This can be a hassle for consumers and may cost you a lot of sales.

Scoutsee solves this problem by allowing users to create shoppable posts on Instagram. Using this solution, you can create your own storefront, and add a link to it in your Instagram bio. Then when you share photos of your products, mention in the caption that users can click on the link in your bio for more info.

When shoppers click on the link, they’ll be taken to your personal storefront. If they’re interested in buying a certain product, they can click on the product to go to the product page.
Reportedly, Instagram has been testing a new feature to be released soon , a Tap to View button which is linked to more information about the product and a Shop Now button linked to the product page on your website.

However, it is not clear when this will be ready for release, and when it is released initially the feature will be restricted to English websites selling only jewelry, clothing, or beauty products. In the meantime, and for those websites that won't qualify, Scoutsee offers a way to link your site to products you currently feature on Instagram.


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