The best option would be to create a full-fledged website, as well as a social network page. To develop the site with the help of high-quality content, and order contextual advertising to the social network page.


Want to start a new business. It's about selling home cleaning products. What is the percentage of whole budget should I invest for marketing? I think it would be around 9-12% of whole budget.

The lifetime customer value - the average profit you expect per customer in their life
should be higher than your customer acquisition cost. (Sales & Marketing budget)

Amazon spent more money acquiring customers than they got in profits for 15 years.

If you don't keep every customer then your cost will be higher than your profits.
So strive to keep every customer for life, and spend what you need to to get them.
If you work to keep every customer, then you can spend more to find them.

If you have no inventory then 100% will be on sales and marketing.
Independent real estate agents with no office have no inventory, so 100% goes to marketing.
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