Building a website has a lot of options to consider. You need to look at the content, technicalities, and even costs. So, how much does it cost to make a website? That is a question with a lot of answers.

When talking about the cost, there are many factors to consider. Whether you want to build it yourself or hire professionals to do the job for you is a major consideration. To help you know how much you will spend on creating a website, we will give you a detailed guide in this article. So, let us get started!

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Website on Average?

It usually costs around £151.99. That is just the basic website pricing. You still must consider the monthly maintenance, which is about £37.99. It can go even higher if you hire a web developer or designer. The upfront charge can be around £4,559.31 and a yearly ongoing cost of £759.67.

You can build a website by hiring a web developer, creating it using a website builder, or building it on WordPress. The site price will depend on the method you choose. Using a website builder might be the cheapest method.

You can create your website with WordPress for free, but you must pay for web hosting and added features like plugins to boost your site’s performance. Getting a web designer is the most expensive method. So, you must weigh your options carefully.

Factors to Consider in Website Building

Knowing these factors will help in your decision-making in choosing the best option for you:

1. Start Small
Creating your website may excite you, but do not let the excitement overpower you. You can start learning about website building to save some costs. Starting small can help limit your losses.

2. Be Realistic
Your excitement can make you think about fancy things for your website, which is costly. Therefore, it is always best to be realistic in building your website, so you can reach your goals. Know how much time you can spend, your tech skills, and budget in building your website, so you can create achievable goals. Spend your money, time, and effort wisely!

3. Ask Yourself Other Questions
Asking yourself these questions can help you see the bigger picture:

Do I need a tech professional to take care of the technical stuff about my website?
What features does my website need?
How will I manage my website?
How much can I afford?
These questions will also give you a better direction in spending money on building a website wisely.


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