Both are at the heart of developing a niche.

A niche is a place none of your competitors have gone in terms of products and/or quality of service.

It is unique to you and your business and grabs the customer with its newness, its performance factors, its appeal and its value.

Steve Jobs was a master at using creativity and innovation to achieve the above objectives. He used the ideas of others, but put a niche twist on them with anticipatory innovation and creative packaging and marketing.

Result: Products the customer did not know they needed but could not do without.
Both go hand in hand. Each can provide engines for business growth as long as one executes a plan of attack or strategy. Creativity & innovation are not just on the creative side of the business like marketing and product design.

If you own your own business you should try to innovate and create new revenue generating and even cost reducing processes that will put your company on the road to years of financial success. Creativity must be there for the creative and marketing/design departments. But equally so in operations, accounting, finance, sales, and even human resources. Continuous improvement via creative process adjustments and innovative ways of doing business should be part every company's operating strategy.

To your continued success on the next level


Yeah, both are extremely important. Creativity is necessary for successful innovation and creating pathways no-one else is (or has) focused on.
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