I have been around plenty of business professionals that will tell you attitude is everything. When in situations where you are around clients/customers, how important is it to have a professional attitude. Should the owner be more lax and try and be the customer/client's friend or should the attitude be all business?
I think the right attitude towards clients is key for business success. I guess it's not about trying to be the customer's friend but the way business owners approach to them. For example, if a pissed off customer arrives to your place yelling and cursing, you should stay calm and try to find out the cause of the problem, and even if you find out he / she is wrong, you need to handle the situation to your convenience (so the client keeps consuming your product / service). I've seen too many business owners with no interpersonal skills at all, rude and harsh to (potential) customers.


IMO, you should be professional and friendly. Too professional would seem cold. A professional yet friendly attitude allows you to connect with the customer and make them feel more comfortable. They won't feel so much like they're just being sold to.


Businessmen need to be friendly to their customers so that they may come back for their services again. If one doesn't want to be asked questions then his/her customers may run away. One should also assist their customers when they want to buy something. You should also try to find out whether your customers were satisfied or not.


I agree...customer satisfaction is key. I always feel my customers out and react to body language and tone. I think looking at someone's body language and mannerisms can really help in the long run.
Being adaptable to situations and different clients is always important. Knowing when it is appropriate and also beneficial to open up and be friendly. But no matter what start every new interaction professionally and never completely drop it all together.

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If you love your company and your product, then you will love the client. After all, you built a business around them.
There other day, I was watching a program on NatGeo about the effects of attitudes on customers. In one experiment, the salesperson was polite. While returning cash on purchase, she gave more and everyone returned the money. In another experiment, the sales person was rude and only 2 out of 5 person returned the extra cash they had received.


The business owner is the first one to do what is right regarding customers because the owner is the best role model. Our bank's owner would always tell us that we have to be friendly all the time to customers even if some are annoying with their persistence. The motto should be - the customer is the lifeblood of our business. And the bank owner never fails to add that someday we will be part owner of our bank. Last year I had received notice that some shares of stocks will be granted to me in a year or 2. It is the bank's way of appreciating my length of service - 27 years.


Most of my customers in my contract embroidery business were business owners that I did work for regularly over many years. I had a few that were with me from the beginning and are still friends to this day; some almost 30 years later! I still get calls and emails asking for advice and recommendations.

I think it depends on your type of business and how much time you spend with your customers. I can see how a lawyer or doctor would not necessarily want to be friends with all their customers and need to stay strictly professional. But if you have a smaller, consistent customer base that you interact with daily for years, it is hard NOT to become friends!


I think that this is probably a point of contention in every single board room that has ever existed in the history of business as we know it. That said, though, I think that we can all agree on certain things. I just think that people vary so much in their attitudes towards the purpose of business and services all together that it plays itself out in how we see the customer. It all usually ends with pleasing the customer, though, but the reason behind it may be different.


Joke around a little and be fallible, this will show that you are human and people like to interact with other humans, that being said, stay away of any type of humor that could me inappropriate in the slightest: racy, political or racial, those are gigantic no noes.

You may think that this is just common sense but you wouldn't believe the cringy things that I have witnessed from people trying to conduct business and try to be funny.


It is critical to build a relationship that shows customers that they are appreciated. They will not return if they feel that any employee is laughing at them or is being disrespectful.


If you are planning to have a business or is an entrepreneur already there is one thing that you should possess and that is having good presence of mind so that your attitude and emotions can be flexible in any type of situations that may arise between you and your customers. Remember the success of your business depends on your good service and customer satisfaction. That is why you have to deal well to any type of customers that you might have without depriving your rights as the owner of the business.


Pretty much important. I went to a famous computer market to look for a second-hand MacBook Pro. I decided to come back to my top two shops the next day so I can mull over it at night.
I went back to the "number one" shop, and there was another owner, and when I was ready to pay, he increased the price, for example, 3400 to 3900. I was livid, he was also quite cocky, turned me off the shop, I promptly took my bag and went to the second shop and gave them my business.
This is just an example of how important it is to be nice to your customers, you will lose them. My friends are now going to buy from the second shop if they want some laptops.

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