Hu guys! I am planning to open the company abroad. However, the process of opening a bank account is very complicated and time consuming. Any recommendations where I can open a company and bank account without a headache? thank you! Any feedback will be appreciated.


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I'm afraid I don't know the answer to your question.

I do know that there are some extra steps that as a Canadian I must take to open a US bank account and that doing so, if I'm not mistaken, means that subsequently I must file both US and Canadian tax returns, so you are definitely looking at quite a lot of extra paperwork. I'm pretty certain it also means that there will be extra measures taken to ascertain your identity and your reason for wanting or needing a foreign bank account.

I would guess that some countries would also require incorporation in that country under the laws of that country.

However, I have no direct experience with any of this. I hope someone else who does will come along and answer your questions.
Hello austinsparrow19 welcome to bizwarriors.

The best place to open a company with bank account is Hong Kong or Singapore. Either send an email or walk into any of the corporate firm within 24 hours all will be ready. Google it for the firms.....

Best wishes
Hey, just few months ago I had the same problems with registering my online company. Not sure if it suits your needs, but try, I opened my company and got online bank account, the only thing I did't like is price, I paid about 100$, which I think is expensive. but anyway I am pretty happy with the service. hope it might help you.
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