How does the calculator attract customers?

Is the calculator a useful tool?

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Robert Adams

Nov 24, 2017
Hi! There was such question: how the calculator widget on a site will help to involve new clients? I recently found such a service uCalc is a universal builder of calculators and forms where it is claimed that the calculator will help attract new customers and promote the site in search at the expense of low-frequency requests, supposedly influenced by behavioral factors. Is it so? What say, share the experience, who has already tried similar widgets? Is the calculator really helpful?


Oct 2, 2017
I used to do affiliate marketing for Tax industry and executed PPC campaign ads liker "Free Tax Calculator", which generated a-lot of leads. The free calculator, along with my other terms, ad helped me achieve a top performer ranking in the affiliate network and was able to generate approximately $60k gross revenue ($30k net) in 4 months of tax season.

Admittedly, the product was marketed as calculator so the consumer would get the opportunity to use the product and only pay during filing; so, it wasn't much of stretch for the customer to change from lead to sale because they would not want to take the time to do data entry on a competing (or paper) product to finish their taxes.

Later the vendor changed from lead to sale model, which affected my conversion rate; thus, it meant that I had to target new terms and new audience. I abandoned the affiliate marketing because it was becoming a full time job in addition to my employment.

Though the free calculator was no longer profitable for me based on the affiliate pay-out, it was still valuable to the vendor because it had a low cost per acquisition and conversion.

Additionally, almost "Free" anything does a great job of pulling traffic (paid or organic)

---- EDIT 11/30/2017 ---
I just linked to a calculator for an ad; so, this provides an impression and brand value for the respective business.

Q: Your question: is the calculator valuable?

A: It depends on numerous factors:
  • How much does it cost to add-it to the site?
  • Is there a content strategy in place to maximize traffic?
  • Do you have analytics in place to track the extra impressions/leads?
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Jessica A.

Sep 11, 2017
Yes, it is quite useful especially for those who are on a tight budget but needed something done for their business. A tool like that would automatically compute their expenses on a yearly, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly basis. Paying for services on a yearly basis would greatly save money of course but they'd have to shell out a larger amount then usual.

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