Would be interesting to discusses content marketing and how it has changed over the years and how it is set to evolve going in to 2016 and beyond.

I am looking to get real feedback from people who use content marketing on a daily basis and I was hoping you guys could help by answering the following question:

How do you think content marketing is going to change during 2016 and beyond and what are your 3 most used method of promoting your content currently?

Thanks you in anticipation and I look forward to your feedback and hopefully the discussion(s) that will follow.


A couple things that I've noticed the past few months, especially regarding blogging:

1. More and more people are moving to the site Medium to post blog posts rather than doing it through their own blog. It's pretty logical - you already have an "inbuilt" audience, and Medium's CMS is really great. The sharing options are also easy to use. I've posted a couple times there already. The only downside, so to speak, is that the content you need to post there can't be sales-y. It needs to have a lot of meat and has to talk about actual issues. There's no room for "copy-pasted" work, which is actually a good thing. I think that savvy marketers can use the platform to make their content go viral much more easily.

2. Vlogs have become much more popular, and have also contributed to the downfall of traditional blogging/content marketing on blogs. As with Medium, Youtube has a huge inbuilt audience. I've seen videos in my niche that get 10,000+ views in less than a year whereas my own blog posts get maybe half that.

I'm working on some of my own videos (basically just repackaged blog content) as of current, as well as more content to post on Medium. Hopefully it goes well!
I market my contents via following methods:
I send links to my family and friends, via text messages or emails, and ask them to review contents. Most of them will check the link as a favor, if they find it useful, some of them will forward the links to their friends and family as a favor.
I share my contents on social media where I am active, for instance facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest,.LinkedIn etc.
I advertise via my forum signature.
I advertise my contents on forums and websites.
I will continue to follow these techniques in 2016.
I think we will see more personalization, new attempts at advertising models, and more sharing of content creation responsibilies (as discussed by Apollyon). With that, I also think we will see a backlash that comes after marketers make that huge investment in content marketing that they are expected to make. Once that clears, we'll be somewhere in the middle with 1) Really good content -Top 10% 2) Average to Mediocre Content -Top 10-25% 3) Everything else
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